Tea With the Black Dragon: A short novel to treasure

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I curled up with Tea with the Black Dragon during the weirdest August weather I’ve witnessed as a native Kansan: a north wind for three days (starting on Friday), highs in the low 70s and partly to mostly cloudy. It felt and smelled like October! Tea With the Black Dragon fit the weather perfectly.

Mayland Long is an incognito dragon seeking the meaning of life or ultimate truth. He finds it, as well as love, in Martha Macnamara: a childlike, bewildering woman with crystal blue eyes. The mystery involving the kidnapping of Martha’s daughter is pleasantly intriguing, but distracts from this main theme.

I got a kick out of the early ’80s retro computer terminology, especially references to CP/M, a pre-DOS operating system, and 8080 processors (think Motorola not Intel). I cut my teeth on that technology in high school and it holds a fond place in my geeky heart.

Tea with the Black Dragon is a short novel to treasure and cherish over and over again.

Jon MossFanLit thanks Jon Moss for contributing this guest review. Jon lives in the Heart of America (Kansas) with her husband and two Rottweilers who occasionally pull her around the neighborhood on her evening walks. Her kids migrated south for more than the winter, to attend (and graduate from) colleges in the northern part of Texas. Jon’s current passionate distraction is amateur astronomy. Find her at her blog Misty Midwest Mossiness.

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  1. I bet I’d like this! Sounds kind of Beauty and the Beast-ish. Thanks Jon!

  2. I have such fond memories of this book, Jon, thanks for bringing them back. Trying not to spoil anything–there is a scene with a black dragon and an elderly sage that still puts a lump in my throat. And Martha was a great and distinct character that I loved.

  3. Jan Goeg /

    I still have the first print edition of this book with the perfect black dragon drinking tea on the cover. It is a gem, tight plotting, good writing and an all around a pleasure.

  4. @Marion: I know the scene you’re talking about and I had the exact same reaction. :)

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