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Nancy Yi Fan

Nancy Yi Fan(1993- )
Nancy Yi Fan’s novel Swordbird is her childhood reaction to the events of September 11, 2001. Nancy currently lives with her parents in Gainesville, Florida. Here’s the Swordbird website.


Swordbird & Sword Quest — (2007-2013) Ages 9-12. Publisher: An exciting and action-packed tale of birds at war, this novel shows how friendship and courage can overcome tyranny. Stone-run Forest was once a peaceful place, but suddenly the local woodbird tribes, the Cardinals and Blue Jays, find themselves at odds — precious food supplies have been stolen and fighting has broken out. Unbeknown to the woodbirds, the evil hawk Turnatt has been turning the tribes against one another as part of his evil strategy to take over the forest. He has already enslaved many captives from the surrounding tribes, who he’s been forcing to build an evil fortress in which he plans to confine all the woodbirds. And the Cardinals and Blue Jays are to be his next victims. Thanks to an escaped slavebird Miltin, the woodbirds learn of Turnatt’s strategy. But the only way to save the forest is to call on the legendary Swordbird — the heroic bird of peace. Young birds Aska and Miltin fly off on a dangerous mission to find the Leasone gem — paired with an ancient song from the Old Scripture, this is the only way to conjure Swordbird’s help. But will they return in time to save the forest, or even make it back at all…

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Swordbird: Two stars for Swordbird, Five for Miss Fan

Swordbird by Nancy Yi Fan

The Swordbird Song
by Kat Hooper
To be sung to the tune of “The Trees” by Rush.

There is unrest in the forest,
There is trouble in the trees,
For the bluejays want their eggs back
And their nuts and their berries.

The trouble with the blue jays,
(And they're quite convinced they’re right)
They say the cardinals filched their babies
And they grabbed their food at night.
But the cardinals didn’t do it,
‘Twas the hawk and all his knaves
They are building a strong fortress
And the woodbirds will be slaves!

There is trouble in the Forest,
But the Swordbird, it is said,
Can be called to fight oppression
And can make the bad birds dead.

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