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Jennifer Roberson

Jennifer Roberson(1953- )
Jennifer Roberson also writes historical fiction. Besides her epics, she has also written several stand-alone novels and contributed to anthologies. You can see all of her work and read excerpts of her novels at Jennifer Roberson‘s website.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood — (1992-1999) Historical fantasy. Publisher: As Sir Robert of Locksley shuns his life of wealth and aristocracy to fight alongside Sherwood Forest’s outlaws, Lady Marian of Ravenskeep, pursued by the Sheriff of Nottingham, joins her lover, embracing his life of adventure and danger.

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Lady of the Forest: Mixed Emotions

Lady of the Forest by Jennifer Roberson

How to explain my feelings about Lady of the Forest? A romantic historical novel about Maid Marian and Robin Hood, it was an enjoyable escape and post-work-stress-reliever for a couple of weeks. I did enjoy it. Unfortunately, when I shut the back cover, I realized I had just read a six-hundred page book containing almost no surprises.

Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of the stellar Mists of Avalon, gushes about this book in the cover blurb, and so I was hoping for a novel that would make me rethink the Robin Hood legends, just as Mists made me look at the Arthurian corpus differently. Part of what made Mists fascinating was that it took an old tale and re-examined it, humanizing the "bad guys" and telling anoth... Read More

The Golden Key

The Golden Key — (1996,2011) Melanie RawnKate Elliott & Jennifer Roberson. A self-contained trilogy written as three parts (by three authors) and published in one volume. World Fantasy Award finalist for Best Novel 1996, Voya’s 1996 Best SF, Fantasy, and Horror Books of the Year, Locus Recommended Reading List 1996. Publisher: The Golden Key is a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration on a level never before attempted in fantasy literature, a work which magnificently melds the talents of three of the finest and most original writers in the field today. Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson, and Kate Elliott have combines their special strengths to create a complex, fully realized civilization in which one very unique family guards a secret which could turn their entire world upside down. In the duchy of Tira Virte fine art is prized above all things, both for its beauty and as a binding legal record of everything from marriages and births to treaties and inheritances. And although the Grand Duke is aware that there is more to the paintings of certain master limners than meets the eye, not even he knows just how extraordinary the art ofthe Grijalva family truly is. For certain males of their bloodline are born with a frightening, magical talent — the ability to manipulate time and reality within their paintings, a Gift which enables them to alter events and influence people in the real world. Always, their power has been used solely to aid Tira Virte and its ruler. Always, until the time of Sario Grijalva. Sario, driven by his own passion and ambition, has learned to use his Gift in a whole new way. Obsessed with both his magic and his beautiful, adored cousin Saavedra, Sario will do anything to win her love. Unable to bear it when Saavedra gives her heart to another, he takes a first, fateful step beyond the boundaries previously placed on the Grijalva spell-casting, capturing his cousin with forbidden arts. And it is this rash, dangerous act which sets in motion the generations-spanning pattern of treachery and betrayal which may cause both the Grijalvas and Tira Virte to pay a terrible price…

The Diviner is Melanie Rawn’s prequel.

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The Golden Key: Hard to put down

The Golden Key by Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson, and Kate Elliott

Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson, and Kate Elliott collaborate here to create a novel that is very hard to put down — despite its formidable length and flattish characters. What drew me in was the carefully designed world, the totally believable magic, the overall mood, and the centuries-spanning plot. This novel is set in Tirra Virte, an Italy-ish province where all official ceremonies and transactions are recorded not with words but with paintings. I thought for a moment — "Hey! that can't be reliable! The artist can paint something that didn't really happen!" But then it made me realize just how unreliable words, too, can be. A scribe can write lies as easily as an artist can paint them.

This art-centered world, of course, requires artists. This novel follows the rising and falling fortunes of one family of ... Read More


Karavans — (2006-2013) Publisher: A NEW JOURNEY DAWNS. Audrun and her husband Davyd, along with the others of the land of Sancorra, have been left homeless because of the brutal Hecari. Consulting diviners, they learn that their newest child must be born in the peaceful province of Atalanda. They must now travel close to the sinister woodlands of Alisanos, where darkness awaits. Joining a karavan for safety, the family moves ever closer to the dangerous, mystical forest. And, as they are all about to discover, Alisanos is moving ever closer to them.

Jennifer Roberson Karavans DeepwoodJennifer Roberson Karavans DeepwoodJennifer Roberson Karavans Deepwood 3. The Wild Road   fantasy and science fiction book reviews

Karavans: No significant action for 350 pages

Karavans by Jennifer Roberson

Karavans is the story of a country that has been overrun by a foreign nation of savages, and as the people start to flee the country, Alisanos, the demonwood on the border of the country starts to come alive and take back parts of the land. The story follows several different characters as they deal with the disruptions to their lives caused by the invading Hecari and the awakening of Alisanos.

Jennifer Roberson is a talented writer who creates intriguing characters. Karavans is a beautifully written novel that evokes a visceral reaction from the reader at several different points. Roberson has created an interesting world populated by demons and demi-gods. The relationship between the magical Shoia and their demon keepers is especially fascinating.

However... have you ever watched a movie that starts with a long tracking shot? The cam... Read More

Deepwood: Exciting fantasy adventure by a veteran author

Deepwood by Jennifer Roberson

Looking back, Karavans was a typical set-up novel. It focused mainly on worldbuilding, laying down the groundwork for the story, and introducing a diverse cast of characters — Audrun, Davyn, and their children Gillan, Ellica, Torvic, and Megritte; the Shoia guide Rhuan and his partner Darmuth; Rhuan’s cousin and courier Brodhi; fellow courier Bethid; and hand-reader Ilona, among various other supporting players.

So, plot-wise, there may not have been a lot going on, but personally I had no problems with this aspect of the book since Ms. Roberson does such an excellent job with the rest of the novel. For instance, all of the many characters were intimately established and I loved the unique, richly crafted world that was being brought to life, which included a land (Sancorra) war-torn by the conquering Hecari with their fearsome ‘decimations’ (1 in 10 persons are kille... Read More

Out of Avalon: An Anthology of Old Magic and New Myths

Out of Avalon: An Anthology of Old Magic and New Myths by Jennifer Roberson

Out of Avalon: An Anthology of Old Magic and New Myths is an anthology for everyone who loves re-takes on the Arthurian legends, and especially those readers who loved The Mists of Avalon and are seeking more of the same sort of retellings, laced with gender politics, religious issues, and romance.

As in all anthologies, some of the stories are to my taste, some aren't, and there is probably something for everyone. In my opinion, the stunner of the bunch is Rosemary Edghill's "Prince of Exiles." Set among bloodthirsty warlords rather than knights-n-ladies, it is narrated by Ator (Arthur)'s bitter illegitimate son, as he unfolds his intricate plan for revenge against his father. It's a darkly engrossing story until you get to th... Read More

More fantasy by Jennifer Roberson

Chronicles of the Cheysuli — (1984-2013) There were originally eight volumes (1. The Shapechangers 2. The Song of Homana 3. Legacy of the Sword 4. Track of the White Wolf 5. A Pride of Princes 6. Daughter of the Lion 7. Flight of the Raven 8. A Tapestry of Lions), but we will present the four omnibus editions which were published in 2001. Ms. Roberson plans to write three more Cheysuli novels after she finishes her Karavans trilogy. Publisher: The story of an ill-fated union between a Homanan princess and a Cheysuli warrior, that brought on a war of annihilation against the Cheysuli race… and the daughter of that union, who must accept her place in an ancient prophecy she cannot deny.

Jennifer Roberson Chronicles of the Cheysuli Shapechanger's Song, Legacy of the Wolf, Children of the Lion, The Lion ThroneJennifer Roberson Chronicles of the Cheysuli Shapechanger's Song, Legacy of the Wolf, Children of the Lion, The Lion ThroneJennifer Roberson Chronicles of the Cheysuli Shapechanger's Song, Legacy of the Wolf, Children of the Lion, The Lion ThroneJennifer Roberson Chronicles of the Cheysuli Shapechanger's Song, Legacy of the Wolf, Children of the Lion, The Lion Thronefantasy and science fiction book reviews

Sword-Dancer Saga (Tiger and Del) — (1986-2013) Originally six volumes, we present the three omnibus editions published in 2006. Sword-Bound was published in 2013. Publisher: He was Tiger, born of the desert winds, raised as a slave and winning his freedom by weaving a special kind of magic with a warrior’s skill. She was Del, born of ice and storm, trained by the greatest of Northern sword masters. Together, they discover a kinship and friendship that grows to love while facing dangers of both sword and sorcery.

Jennifer Roberson Sword-Dancer (Tiger and Del) Sword Dancer Sword Singer, Sword Maker Sword Breaker, Sword Born Sword SwornJennifer Roberson Sword-Dancer (Tiger and Del) Sword Dancer Sword Singer, Sword Maker Sword Breaker, Sword Born Sword SwornJennifer Roberson Sword-Dancer (Tiger and Del) Sword Dancer Sword Singer, Sword Maker Sword Breaker, Sword Born Sword Swornfantasy and science fiction book reviews

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsGuinevere’s Truth: And Other Tales — (2008) Publisher: Guinevere’s Truth & Other Tales is a 20-story short fiction collection from popular fantasy author Jennifer Roberson. It features stories from established series including the Chronicles of the Cheysuli, the Sword-Dancer saga, and the Karavans universe, as well as many stories published in various anthologies and magazines.