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Steven R. Boyett

Steven R. Boyett(1960- )
Steven R. Boyett has writtin short fiction, comics, and a screenplay. He also works as a DJ and has three popular music podcasts. Visit him online at Steven R. Boyett’s website.


Change — (1983, 2009) Publisher: Magic has returned to our world, and nothing will ever be the same. Follow the adventures of a young man and his miraculous traveling companion on a dark and dangerous odyssey through a world where fantasy and reality have collided.

Steven R. Boyett Ariel, Elegy Beach fantasy book reviewsSteven R. Boyett Ariel, Elegy Beach fantasy book reviews

Ariel: A real prize back in print… with a sequel

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Ariel by Steven R. Boyett

It's unusual for obscure mass market paperback originals from a quarter century ago to get a second life. But when the books in question are lost little gems that richly deserve such a life, it's most welcome. And it ought to serve as a wake-up call to all of you: just how many hidden gems are on the racks right now that you haven't noticed? More than you might think. Look deeper.

Ariel was first released in 1983, when mass market originals were a much more common format for first-time publication than they are today. Back then, pricey hardcovers and trade paperbacks were largely rationed to established names dropping surefire bestsellers. To those lucky enough to discover it at the time, Ariel was a real prize, the kind of book that makes rummaging through the racks and taking a shot on something unfamiliar wo... Read More

Mortality Bridge: Depressing. Disgusting. Brilliant.

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Mortality Bridge by Steven R. Boyett

Depressing. Disgusting. Brilliant.

When trying to think of words to describe Mortality Bridge, I keep coming back to variations on those three. Steven R. Boyett has written an unforgettable tale of one man’s journey to Hell, and I wish I liked it better than I did. Ordinarily I enjoy descents to the underworld, but we all have our limits, and with Mortality Bridge I think I’ve found some of mine.

The story centers on Niko, a rock musician. He was a strung-out, washed-up failure when an agent of the Devil approached him with a deal. Niko accepted — and got famous, got sober, and got his girlfriend Jemma back. But now Jemma is dying of a mysterious illness, which Niko didn’t bargain for. He bones up on mythology... Read More

The Urban Fantasy Anthology: Not what I expected it to be

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The Urban Fantasy Anthology edited by Peter S. Beagle & Joe R. Lansdale

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of most urban fantasy. I tend to find problems with almost every urban fantasy book I’ve tried to read. When I got this book in the mail, I kind of rolled my eyes and shot it to the top of my “to be read” pile so I could get it over with fast. I didn’t expect to actually enjoy this book. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d open this anthology and think, “hot damn, this is good stuff…” but I did. I cracked open this book, started reading, and shocked myself by enjoying it.

As with every anthology, not every story will be a hit. Where The Urban Fantasy Anthology seems to differ from many other anthologies was the fact that the stories all appealed to me differently due to their plots, not due to their quality, which is the case wi... Read More

Fata Morgana: A vintage-type tale of a WWII bomber lost in time and space

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Fata Morgana by Steven R. Boyett & Ken Mitchroney

It’s 1943, at the height of the air war during World War II. US Air Force Captain Joseph Farley and his crew of nine men fly a B-17 bomber on missions out of England, bombing German factories and other military targets. On their last mission their bomber Voice of America, a never-ending source of problems (“fixing this one’s like taking a gator to the vet. You’re just making it better so it can try to kill you again”) finally bit the dust permanently, and the crew is assigned a brand new B-17F bomber, which they christen Fata Morgana after an unusual type of mirage, along with a new ball turret gunner, Sergeant Martin Proud Horse, a Native American of the Lakota tribe. One of the men, Shorty, is a gifted artist who paints a sorceress type of woman on the nose of the Fata Morgana, following Captain Farley’s deta... Read More

Magazine Monday: Subterranean Magazine, Fall 2012 and Winter 2013

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Welcome news: Subterranean Magazine, a quarterly publication, has announced that it will be available for free download from here on out. The announcement was accompanied by the free editions of the Fall 2012 and the Winter 2013 issues, each of which contains a number of excellent novellas — a length for which Subterranean Press, as well as the magazine, are known. Many, including me, consider the novella to be the ideal length for science fiction, fantasy and horror: it provides the author with enough space for world building, but not more space than many stories need. The novellas in these two issues illustrate this opinion nicely.

“African Sunrise” by Nned... Read More

Subterranean: Tales of Dark Fantasy 2

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Subterranean: Tales of Dark Fantasy 2 edited by William Schafer

EDITOR INFORMATION: William K. Schafer is the head editor at Subterranean Press, which was founded in 1995. Schafer’s bibliography includes Embrace the Mutation: Fiction Inspired by the Art of J.K. Potter and the first Tales of Dark Fantasy anthology.

ABOUT SUBTERRANEAN: TALES OF DARK FANTASY 2: Subterranean: Tales of Dark Fantasy — published in 2008 to widespread critical and popular acclaim — provided a unique showcase for some of our finest practitioners of dark, disturbing fiction. This much anticipated second volume more than meets the standards set by its predecessor, offering a diverse assortment of stories guaranteed to delight, unsettle, and enthrall. Volume two proper i... Read More

FanLit Asks: June 12, 2012

Some of your favorite authors take some time to answer our questions:
Got any news to share with us?
Jennifer Armintrout: I'm very excited to be working with Resplendence Publishing on a series of shape-shifter romances centered around a clan of werewolves in an alternate fourteenth century England. My hope is to continue with these in several different time periods, all with wolves from the same clan.

Steven R. Boyett: I just finished my first unsolicited short piece in over a decade, a novelette called "Hard Silver." I'm stoked that Bill Schafer picked it up for his wonderful Subterranean (pub date not yet set). It was liberating t... Read More

FanLit Asks: July 3, 2012

Some of your favorite authors take some time to answer our questions:
Got any news to share with us?
J.A. Pitts: Forged in Fire was just released from Tor. I'm currently on my book tour in San Diego and San Francisco. I have more events planned in the next month which can be found on my website under appearances.

James Barclay: I’m on the jury for this year’s British Fantasy Awards which is an honour and a privilege -- there is so much quality on the shortlists this year and I’m really buzzed about reading it all though picking the winners is going to be a tough job. I’ll be at FantasyCon 2012 in Brighton for the whole weekend -- that’s Friday 28th September to Su... Read More

FanLit Asks: October 2, 2012

Some of your favorite authors take some time to answer our questions:
Got any news to share?
Steven R. Boyett: I'm excited that I will be reading at the opening weekend of San Francisco's massive Litquake festival, Sunday, Oct. 7, 2-3 PM. I usually record these things, so it will be on the media page of my blog soon afterward. In my mortal guise I'm also a semi-famous DJ, and I'm also hugely stoked that I'll be DJing the Litquake/Litcrawl closing party at  Read More

FanLit Asks: October 23, 2012

Some of your favorite authors take some time to answer our questions:
Got any news to share?
Morgan Keyes (Mindy Klasky)Darkbeast hit stores on August 28 -- it's a traditional middle grade fantasy novel about a girl who has to choose between saving her best friend (a raven) and following the religious expectations of her people. I'll be making a number of personal appearances (check out my website -- and I am always happy to make school visits (in person, if close enough, or by Skype.)

Michael J. Sullivan: I'm pleased to announce that I'll have a new series coming out from Orbit called THE RIYRIA CHRONICLES. These will be prequels that explore how Royce and Hadrian first met an... Read More