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Jenna Rhodes

R.A.v. Salsitz Jenna Rhodes Emily DrakeJenna Rhodes is a penname of Rhondi A. Vilott Salsitz. She also writes under the names Emily Drake, Anne Knight, Elizabeth Forrest, Charles Ingrid, Rhondi Vilott Salsitz, Rhondi Vilott, and Rhondi Greening.

Elven Ways

Elven Ways — (2006-2017) Publisher: Brought to the world of Kerith by an unknown cataclysm, the Vaelinar race is both magical and arrogant, considering themselves far superior to the natives whose own magic has been shorn away by a civil war. As hated as they are revered, the Vaelinars have retreated to seclusion after anchoring their magic to the new world by a series of Talent-wrought Ways, passages of power, always hoping that one day they will create the Way back to the world they lost. Two young people, one broken of soul and the other broken of mind, find their fates intertwined as their mixed bloodlines both curse and bless them. Can a river-borne slave and a street-savvy half-breed find their own personal truth in time to avert another civil war?

Jenna Rhodes Elven Ways: 1. The Four Forges 2. The Dark Ferrymanfantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsJenna Rhodes Elven Ways: 1. The Four Forges 2. The Dark Ferrymanfantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsThe Queen of Storm and Shadow (Elven Ways Book 4) (May 2, 2017) by Jenna Rhodes by Jenna Rhodes

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The Four Forges: Leave this one on the shelf

The Four Forges by Jenna Rhodes

Rarely do I not like a book at all. But occasionally, a novel just doesn't resonate. Sometimes it's just reading the novel at the wrong time, perhaps at a time of reading burnout, or a style that just doesn't click. But even rarer is the book that I find to be just awfully written. Jenna Rhodes' The Four Forges is just awful. Rhodes writes an epic fantasy with a great setting, but a disturbing lack of a central plot.

The setting, which I found to be unique, and part of the reason I picked up the novel in the first place, is full of high fantasy elements. The Four Forges Is a story about two orphans. Sevryn is an accomplished street waif who rises to become the right hand of the queen of the elves. Rivergrace is an orphan who ends up being raised by a loving family of hobbit/dwarf-like people called Dwellers. In this story, however,... Read More