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John Farris

John Farris(1936- )
John Farris published his first suspense novel, When Michael Calls, in 1967 after already establishing himself as a mainstream popular fiction writer with works such as King Windom (1967) and Harrison High. The Fury, published in 1976 and later made into a movie directed by Brian de Palma, was a synthesis of horror and contemporary realism that epitomized the horror boom of the 1970s.


All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By: Some truly shocking thrills

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All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By by John Farris

Having never read anything by John Farris, I stumbled upon his 1977 novel All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By after seeing David J. Schow's very laudatory remarks concerning the book in Jones & Newman's overview volume Horror: 100 Best Books (1988). In his essay, Schow calls it a "unique horror novel; the strongest single work yet produced by the field's most powerful individual voice," as well as "the first modern sexual horror novel yet writ... Read More