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L. Sprague De-Camp

L. Sprague deCamp fantasy author(1907-2000)
L. Sprague deCamp
wrote several stand-alone fantasies, a collection of fantastical short stories called Tales from Gavagan’s Bar (with Fletcher Pratt), science fiction, historical fiction, and non-fiction. He also collaborated with Robert E. Howard on the Conan series. See the official L. Sprague deCamp website.

Harold Shea (Enchanter) Stories

Harold Shea (Enchanter) Stories — (1940-1995) Light fantasy co-authored with Fletcher Pratt. The Compleat Enchanter contains the original Harold Shea stories written by de Camp and Pratt. The Mathematics of Magic, published in 2007, contains the originals plus the later (1990s) stories written by de Camp after Pratt’s death. YOU DON’T NEED BOTH BOOKS. Publisher: Harold Shea is a psychologist who dreams of adventure, but never gets beyond learning to fence and occasionally showing up at staff meetings dressed in horseback riding garb. But when he learns that his boss, Dr. Reed Chalmers, has developed a theory which allows a person to transport himself to any world he can imagine, Harold Shea decides to give it a whirl. This volume includes all the De Camp and Pratt Enchanter stories.

l sprague de camp fletcher pratt compleat enchanterl sprague de camp fletcher pratt the mathematics of magic

The Mathematics of Magic: The Enchanter Stories of de Camp and Pratt

The Mathematics of Magic: The Enchanter Stories of de Camp and Pratt

Back in the 1940s and 1950s, L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt co-wrote five fantasy stories about psychologist Harold Shea and his colleagues for the pulp magazines. The Mathematics of Magic: The Enchanter Stories of de Camp and Pratt collects all five of these original Enchanter stories, plus an introduction by Christopher Stasheff (who edited many of the later Enchanter stories written by other authors), an article written by de Camp about Fletcher Pratt and their collaboration, two additional Enchanter Read More

Land of Unreason: A very strange book

Land of Unreason by L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt

Land of Unreason first saw the light of day in 1941, in a shorter form, in Unknown magazine; it was later expanded to novel length. Just as there is a genre of science fiction known as "hard" sci-fi, as typified by the works of Hal Clement and Larry Niven, this novel impresses me as a "hard" fantasy novel. Not only do authors L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt usher us into Fairyland and show us the court of Oberon and Titania, but also all manner of elves, sprites, nymphs, fairies, ogres, kobolds and the like; even a leprechaun and a unicorn are thrown into the mix.

This journey into the fantastic begins when Fred Barber — an American ... Read More

Rivals of Weird Tales: Nary a clinker in the bunch!

Rivals of Weird Tales edited by Robert Weinberg, Stefan R. Dziemianowicz & Martin H. Greenberg

From 1923 – ’54, over the course of 279 issues, the pulp publication known as Weird Tales helped to popularize macabre fantasy and outré horror fiction, ultimately becoming one of the most influential and anthologized magazines of the century, and introducing readers to a “Who’s Who” of American authors. I had previously read and reviewed no fewer than six large collections of tales culled from the pages of “the Unique Magazine,” and had loved them all. But Weird Tales, of course, was far from being the only pulp periodical on the newsstands back when, as amply demonstrated in the appropriately titled, 500-page anthology Rivals of Weird Tales. In this wonderfully entertaining, generous collection, editors Robert Weinberg, Stefan R. Dziemianowicz and Martin H. Greenberg (who had put... Read More

More books by L. Sprague de Camp

Novarian — (1968-1989) The Reluctant King contains the original Novarian trilogy. The Fallible Fiend and The Honorable Barbarian are related stories.

the reluctant kingthe honorable barbarianthe fallible fiend

Krishna — (1977-1983) Publisher: Meet Victor Hasselborg, easily the most miserable Private Investigator in the entire galaxy. More comfortable with the dull routine of investigating insurance frauds than interstellar adventure, Hasselborg is bound by duty to chase a runaway heiress across known space to the primitive world called Krishna. Clad in kilt and sword, his hair dyed green, riding a buggy driven by a six legged monster of a beast, Hasselborg’s quest takes him through the volatile world of feudal Krishna politics and into the presence of… the Queen of Zamba. The Queen of Zamba is the first of L. Sprague de Camp’s Krishna book — interplanetary romance in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Martian Tales.

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsThe Hand of Zeifantasy and science fiction book reviewsThe Tower of Zanidfantasy and science fiction book reviewsfantasy and science fiction book reviews

The Reluctant King — (1968-1989) Publisher: King Jorian was rather attached to his head. Hence, he felt his promise to seal the Kist of Avlen, a treasure trove of ancient manuscripts on magic, was little enough a price to pay for a chance to escape his own beheading. But when the quest pitted him against one peril after another — a murderous wizard and his giant squirrel, a castle full of executioners, a marauding troop of ape men, and a voluptuous 500-year-old princess who was also a serpent — Jorian wondered if he’d made a good bargain!

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsfantasy and science fiction book reviewsfantasy and science fiction book reviewsfantasy and science fiction book reviews

The Incorporated Knight & The Pixilated Peeress — (1987-1991) Library Journal: As knighthood’s flower begins to wilt, Eudoric Dambertson sets out on a series of misadventures in search of an ever-elusive title. This collection of connected stories, some of them previously published, features a doughty and resourceful hero and a generous dollop of the de Camps’ boisterous humor.

l sprague de camp the incorporated knightpixilated peeress

Harold Shea books by L. Sprague de Camp and Christopher Stasheff

Harold Shea — (1992-1995) L. Sprague de Camp and Christopher Stasheff. These are a continuation of the Harold Shea stories of de Camp and Fletcher Pratt. Publisher: Two of SF’s most acclaimed authors collaborate with John Maddox Roberts, Holly Lisle and Tom Wham to bring a whole new life to Professor Harold Shea and his band of not-so-merry companions in the impeccably conceived, richly-imagined sequel to The Complete Compleat Enchanter.

Harold Shea L Sprague de Camp Christopher Stasheff The Enchanter Reborn The Exotic EnchanterHarold Shea L Sprague de Camp Christopher Stasheff The Enchanter Reborn The Exotic Enchanter

More by L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt

the carnelian cube fletcher pratt l sprage de campThe Carnelian Cube — (1948) L. Sprague de Camp with Fletcher Pratt. Publisher: Arthur Cleveland Finch scoffed at the thought that the Carnelian Cube was a dream-stone — until, with that curiously inscribed ancient charm beneath his head, he sleeps that night and awakens… in another world…

By L. Sprague de Camp & David Drake

book review David Drake L.Sprague deCamp The Undesired Princess and the Enchanted BunnyThe Undesired Princess & The Enchanted Bunny — (1990) L. Sprague de Camp with David Drake. Publisher: The Undesired Princess finds the overly practical Rollin Hobart transported to a far-from-sensible world, while in The Enchanted Bunny, ghostwriter Joe Johnson falls into the middle of a fairy tale.