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Simon Higgins

Simon Higgins(1958- )
Simon Higgins has tried a lot of jobs, having worked as a disc jockey, laboratory assistant, marketing manager and even monster in a side-show ghost train. He also spent a decade in law enforcement as a police officer in the South Australian Police Department, and as a prosecutor. Leaving the police force, he became a licensed private investigator, with cases ranging from murders to alleged UFO incidents. Later in life, Simon returned to his first love — writing — and found that his earlier occupations provided inspiration. He spent much of his youth in various martial arts clubs in South Australia. Learn more at Simon Higgins’ website.



Moonshadow — (2008-2011) Ages 9-12. Publisher: In the moonlight, the explosive fast draw became a horizontal streak of silver, flashing momentarily from the cover of the shadow. The tip of Moonshadow’s sword ambushed the lurking foe, who stood, still drawing his own weapon. It’s the dawn of an age of peace in medieval Japan, and a power hungry warlord is plotting to plunge the nation into a deadly civil war using a secret weapon from the West. Enter Moonshadow, the newest and youngest agent for the Grey Light Order, a covert brotherhood of shinobi (ninja spy warriors) who work for the shogun. For his first mission, Moonshadow is sent on a perilous journey to capture the plans for the secret weapon. Can Moonshadow defeat the evil warlord, rogue samurai, professional killers, and another ninja spy to save his country from violent chaos? Or will his first mission also be his last? This thrilling ninja adventure by Simon Higgins, an expert Japanese swordsman, combines gripping action, humor, hold-your-breath suspense, and even a bit of magic for an exciting and fast-paced read!

Simon Higgins Moonshadow 1. Eye of the Beast 2. Rise of the Ninja Simon Higgins Moonshadow 1. Eye of the Beast 2. Rise of the Ninja 2. The Nightmare Ninja

Moonshadow: Read the first book, skip the sequel

Moonshadow: Rise of the Ninja & The Nightmare Ninja by Simon Higgins

Moonshadow: Rise of the Ninja and Moonshadow: The Nightmare Ninja are the first two installments in a series of children's books by Simon Higgins about, well, ninjas. The first book is mostly entertaining if a bit slight, but the second, unfortunately, is disappointing due to an overreliance on fight scenes. While the Moonshadow series has potential, it took a step backward in book two.

Moonshadow is the title character, a young member of the Grey Light Order of ninjas. In Rise of the Ninja, we meet him as he is completing the final stage of his training. Upon succeeding, he is granted his new ninja name — Moonshadow — and his first assignment: to steal the plans for a new kind of weapon from Silver Wolf, an ev... Read More