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Cat Rambo

Among the places in which Cat Rambo’s 200+ published stories have appeared are Asimov’s, Weird Tales, Clarkesworld, and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and her work has consistently garnered mentions and appearances in year’s best of anthologies. Her collection, Eyes Like Sky and Coal and Moonlight, was an Endeavour Award finalist in 2010 and followed her collaboration with Jeff VanderMeer, The Surgeon’s Tale and Other Stories. Other collections include Near + Far, which contains the Nebula-nominated “Five Ways to Fall in Love on Planet Porcelain,” Neither Here Nor There, and Altered America: Steampunk Stories. While Seattle-based, Cat often travels in her role as the current President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America ( She lives with one spouse, a cat named Taco, and an inordinate amount of books.


Hearts of Tabat: A lush beautiful world on the edge of a revolution

Hearts of Tabat by Cat Rambo

Cat Rambo’s Hearts of Tabat (2018) is the second book in the Tabat Quartet. I love the beautiful, strange world Rambo has created here. I understood nearly everything that was going on in this book, so technically it qualifies as a standalone, but I see that reading the first book, Beasts of Tabat, first would probably have answered some questions and added richness to an already lush tapestry of a story.

Tabat is on a world that is filled with humans, magic and Beasts who are made of magic. Beasts are enslaved by the humans, considered less than animals (although they are used as beasts of burden) and consumed, literally, for the magical power in their flesh, bones and blood. Adelina Nettlepurse is the daughter of a powerful Merchant house. She secretly runs a successful publishing house, Spinner Press, although sh... Read More

SHORTS: Cho, Machen, Rambo, Scalzi, Andrews

SHORTS: Our column exploring free and inexpensive short fiction available on the internet. Here are a few stories we've recently read that we wanted you to know about.

“Head of a Snake, Tail of a Dragon” by Zen Cho (2018, free on the author’s website)

This short story is a delightful sequel to Zen Cho's Hugo award-winning novelette, “If at First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again.” And both are free online, so win-win!

Jin-Dae is an imugi, a magical serpent that can — if it learns and grows in the right way — turn into a dragon. But Jin-Dae has no particular interest in becoming a dragon; she's just fine with her life the way it is. Except that there aren... Read More