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John Dickinson

John Dickinson(1962- )
John Dickinson
also writes historical fiction and science fiction. His father is Peter Dickinson. Learn more at John Dickinson’s website.


The Cup of the World

The Cup of the World — (2004-2009) Young adult. Publisher: Filled with immense characters, this thrilling medieval fantasy filled with moral complexity and vision announces the arrival of a special new writing talent. Phaedra, the beautiful daughter of a baron, has been visited in dreams by an elusive knight for almost as long as she can remember. And when his presence becomes a reality, she is forced to choose him and a new life over her home and her father. But this sets off a chain of events that she could not have foreseen — a battle between good and evil, which is in turn violent and psychologically compelling. This stunning novel grapples with the huge themes of life, and turns the reader’s expectations upside down again and again, with one vertiginious plunge after another.

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The Cup of the World: Good atmosphere, character a bit weak

The Cup of the World by John Dickinson

John Dickinson's The Cup of the World centers on Phaedra, daughter and only child of the Warden of Trant, an all-important land/fortress in a land with a long history of internal warfare. Her combination of looks, inheritance, and intelligence makes her the prime bridal catch, even one of the two princes is her suitor, but she rejects them all for two basic reasons: fear (of losing her independence and her life as her mother did, dying in childbirth) and love (of a strange man who comes to her in her dreams). Her father gives in as he has to her desires ever since she threw a hunger strike at him when he considered remarrying. Her marriage is resolved when she slips away with her dream man, who it turns is real and has some strange abilities. Her marriage, her choice of husband (though she didn't know who he was at the time), and her rejection of many of the land's proudest men spa... Read More