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Ian Douglas

Ian Douglas (a pseudonym of William H. Keith) is the New York Times bestselling author of the popular military science fiction series THE HERITAGE TRILOGY, THE LEGACY TRILOGY, THE INHERITANCE TRILOGY, THE STAR CORPSMAN, and the ongoing STAR CARRIER and ANDROMEDAN DARK series. A former naval corpsman, he lives in Pennsylvania.


Altered Starscape: Military SF with a smorgasbord of imaginative physics

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Altered Starscape by Ian Douglas

Altered Starscape (2016) has its jumping off point (literally) in the year 2162. Humanity has been in contact with other galactic races for thirty-eight years, and still feels itself at a disadvantage in comparison with the many more advanced races. Earth’s government has entered into an alliance with some of those alien civilizations, receiving FTL travel capabilities, fusion power and other advanced technology in return for promised assistance in a vaguely understood alien war. Now the massive colony starship Tellus Ad Astra (“Earth to the stars”), carrying over a million people and AIs, is traveling to the Galactic Core on a cultural union mission.

The mission gets ripped off course when catastrophe strikes, resulting in the starship’s encountering the powerful black hole at the Galactic Core. When the dust s... Read More