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James Swain

James Swain(1956- )
James Swain is best known for his two mystery thriller series, starring Tony Valentine, a casino detective and Jack Carpenter, a freelance child rescuer. He has published three non-fiction books on stage magic: Don’t Blink: the Magic of James Swain; Miracles with Cards and 21st Century Card Magic. Dark Magic is his first foray into fantasy.

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Peter Warlock

Peter Warlock — (2012-2013) Publisher: Peter Warlock is a magician with a dark secret. Every night, he amazes audiences at his private theater in New York, where he performs feats that boggle the imagination. But his day job is just a cover for his otherworldly pursuits: Peter is a member of an underground group of psychics who gaze into the future to help prevent crimes. No one, not even his live-in girlfriend, knows the truth about Peter — until the séance when he foresees an unspeakable act of violence that will devastate the city. As Peter and his friends rush to prevent tragedy, Peter discovers that a shadowy cult of evil psychics, the Order of Astrum, know all about his abilities. They are hunting him and his fellow psychics down, one by one, determined to silence them forever. Dark Magic is a genre-bending supernatural thriller from national bestselling novelist and real-life magician James Swain.

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Dark Magic: Lacks internal logic

Dark Magic by James Swain

James Swain is the author of several crime thrillers, featuring series characters like a casino detective and an ex-cop who searches for missing children. Dark Magic is his first attempt at a supernatural thriller. Dark Magic is set in New York City with a main character who is a stage magician and a psychic.

Dark Magic opens with a group of psychics conducting a séance. The leader, Peter Warlock, has a horrifying vision. He is standing in Times Square, surrounded by people who are dying by the score. The weapon that is killing them is invisible. Peter sees a single man, unaffected by the attack, standing in the center of the square, a glowing sigil tattooed on his neck. His psychic group figures out that this attack will happen in four days. Previously, the group has notified law enforcement of potential disas... Read More