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Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff(1954- )
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff started her writing career sketching science fiction comic books in the last row of her third grade classroom. Since then her short fiction has been published in Analog, Amazing Stories, Century, Realms of Fantasy, Interzone, Paradox and Jim Baen’s Universe. Her debut novel, The Meri, was a Locus Magazine 1992 Best First Novel nominee. She also writes Star Wars novels. Maya lives in San Jose where she writes, performs, and records original and parody (filk) music with her husband. They have three children. Learn more at Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff’s website.


Meri — (1992-1995) Publisher: A Woman Alone in a Man’s World of Magic… She saw her parents murdered… she was rescued by a teacher of the Divine Art and swore to track down the marauders and achieve vengeance. But first she would have to overcome centuries of prejudice against female mages, and become the first ever female apprentice to the Meri, the otherworldly being who stands as the Bridg between humanity and the Spirit of the universe — only then would she be faced with her ultimate choice: vengeance or eternal life.

the meri maya kaathryn bohnhoff the meri maya kaathryn bohnhoff  taminythe meri maya kaathryn bohnhoff the crystal rose

The Meri: Readable but unspectacular

The Meri  by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Meredydd is an orphan, and the only female student at the prestigious school Halig-liath. At Halig-liath, young men — and Meredydd — are trained to become Osraed, which are magician-priests something along the lines of Druids. Female magic is feared and distrusted in this world, and when Meredydd is falsely accused of witchcraft, the elders decide to send her on Pilgrimage to meet the Meri, a goddess-like figure who serves as a connection between humans and God. The Meri will be the final judge of whether Meredydd is fit to be an Osraed, and the elders are divided on whether they want her to succeed or fail.

What follows is a quest tale and a spiritual journey in which Meredydd treks toward the Sea to meet the Meri, encountering a series of tests along the way. These are the kinds of tests that aren’t what they appear on the surface; the obvious dilemma in each situation is almost never t... Read More

Magic Time

Magic Time — (2001-2004) Marc Scott Zicree with Barbara Hambly, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Robert Charles Wilson. Publisher: Reality is not what it was. Desperate science run amok has collided with dark sorcery, and together they have ripped open a gaping wound into… something. Now, in an instant, everything is different. The horrific is mundane, the impossible rational. Nothing works and everyone pays.Welcome to… Magic Time. For rising young lawyer Cal Griffin, it’s just another day in the Big City, full of stress, screw-ups, deadlines, and anxiety. That is, until New York is rocked by a series of bizarre tremors — and the lights go off… for good. Trapped in a giant metropolis and cut off from the rest of the world, Cal tries desperately to make sense of the surreal chaos that engulfs his crippled city. Worst of all, the people around him are… changing. Once ordinary humans are becoming embodiments of their darkest desires, manifestations of their deepest fears. Packs of pale, crouched figures stalk the subways, glowing child-faces peer out of the shadows… and monsters prowl Times Square. Similar weirdness is happening everywhere, from the dank, cold heart of a West Virginia coal mine to a remote lab in South Dakota — where an overworked team of government physicists has unwittingly invited something catastrophic into the world — to the highest levels of power in Washington, D.C. And Cal Griffin is not the only one who will be forced into a strange new role in this brave new world of nightmare and wonder. A spinster school-teacher, a lonely miner, a refugee doctor, a visionary street person, a brooding Secret Service agent, all share a staggering responsibility with the young attorney to make sense of the senseless — and to follow an awesome destiny. For they are to be soldiers in a titanic battle between darkness and light. And its raging hellfires will effect the most astonishing transformation of all — turning a young man of pure heart into that rarest of creatures: a hero.

Marc Scott Zicree 1. Magic Time 2. Angelfire 3. Ghostlands fantasy book reviews Barbara Hambly, Robert Charles Wilson, Maya Kaathryn BohnhoffMarc Scott Zicree 1. Magic Time 2. Angelfire 3. Ghostlands fantasy book reviews Barbara Hambly, Robert Charles Wilson, Maya Kaathryn BohnhoffMarc Scott Zicree 1. Magic Time 2. Angelfire 3. Ghostlands fantasy book reviews Barbara Hambly, Robert Charles Wilson, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Magic Time: Not aging well

Magic Time by Marc Scott Zicree and Barbara Hambly

Magic Time is the first book of a fantasy trilogy helmed by Marc Scott Zicree. This book is co-written with Barbara Hambly. Each of the subsequent books in the series is written with a different writer. Magic Time was published in 2001, and it is not aging well.

I had a difficult time getting through Magic Time. It narrowly missed achieving Did Not Finish status. When I did finish it I realized that all this book did was set up Book Two.

Zicree’s book is a post-apocalyptic fantasy in the mode of The Stand and Swan Song, although the cause of the cataclysm that brings magic into our world springs from a covert government experiment gone wrong. W... Read More

Other novels by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

The Spirit Gate, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff The Spirit Gate — (1996) Publisher: Blamed along with the other witches of the mountain for everything that goes wrong in the kingdom of Dalibor, the widow Kassia finds a chance for escape from Master Sorcerer Lukusha at his school of arcane learning.

Mr. TwilightMr. Twilight — (2006) With Michael Reaves. Publisher: In bookshop specializing in rare volumes, an avid fan of horror fiction seizes a tome too valuable and too incredible to fathom. In the end, the man was too curious to live… A few miles away, in a Manhattan brownstone, another man learns about the explosion that left a gaping hole in the fabric of reality. Colin — he has no other name — has been an unrelenting warrior against the dark, the demonic, and the damned. A man who has angels at his side and hell staring him in the face, he has devoted his life to solving magical crimes and tracking down — and neutralizing — the perpetrators of those crimes, human and nonhuman alike. Now Colin is about to team up with a beautiful Native American a long way from home and a tough NYPD detective who seems to be immune to magic. Together, in a funhouse of evidence and apparitions, they are chasing a killer and untangling a tale that leads from the infamous Vlad the Impaler to a dead twentieth-century occult author and his gorgeous daughter–who is as seductive as the devil himself. Mr. Twilight combines the mystical and the mysterious, the supernatural and the primitive, in a rich, steamy brew of otherworldly adventure.

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsLaldasa: Beloved Slave — (1998) As a writer of science fiction and fantasy, I’ve often sat on convention panels with titles like, ‘Hey, you got mystery in my fantasy!’ or ‘Oops, there’s romance in my science fiction!’ I don’t have a recipe for what happened in Laldasa—I just wrote it to taste. So if I got mystery in your SF, I only did it because, darn it, I think it makes for a richer ‘dish.’ Laldasa is Sanskrit for “beloved slave” and I think it’s a fitting title for a story of class boundaries, racial prejudices and the one power capable of overcoming them. It’s the story of one small woman battling a political machinery over which she has no control and one supposedly powerful man who realizes that he is as much a pawn of the machinery as the casteless woman he befriends.

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsTaco Del and the Fabled Tree of Destiny — (2009) Publisher: Visit a future San Francisco in which Golden Gate Park and the Presidio are thriving farms, luxury hotels are the palaces of neighborhood kings and book shops are treasuries of wisdom. This is the world of Taco Del, Merlin to His Majesty, King of Embarcadero. In this world, the young wizard must unravel a great mystery to save his besieged kingdom. King Elvis wants to steal its secrets, mysterious outsiders want to expel its citizens, an ancient and sinister Force threatens spiritual domination. Salvation rests on the slender shoulders of Taco Del and his unlikely allies — a red-haired Chinese girl, a ghostly tribe of Mission Indians and a small fir tree named Doug.

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsA Princess of Passyunk — (2010) I grew up with tales of Old World magic. Fairy tales, ghost stories, legends of great Slavic heroes like Kralyevich Marko and his marvelous horse, Sharats. Living in the USA, I wondered where the magic went and if maybe just a little of it might have crossed the ocean from the Motherland. A PRINCESS OF PASSYUNK is my answer. Okay, so my hero doesn’t ride a magical horse–but he has a magic baseball. And he’s not a prince … exactly–but he does fall in love with a Princess … sort of. And he doesn’t slay magical beasts–but he does battle an angry Sausage King and a scheming Witch in order to complete a magical quest … in a manner of speaking. Well, I guess you’ll just have to read it. Then I hope you’ll believe that there’s New World magic, too.

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsShaman — (2012) The stories in this collection were first published in Analog science fiction magazine between 1990 and 2011. They feature the adventures of eccentric kilt-wearing anthropologist / archaeologist / xenologist Rhys Llewellyn and his able assistants, Yoshi Umeki and Roderick Halfax. Given my fascination with archaeology, first contact…and all things Scottish, I suppose these stories were inevitable.