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Anthony Huso

Anthony HusoAnthony Huso grew up in a small midwestern town and studied English at the University of Minnesota. Since then he has worked as a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, a home health aide, and a bill collector. Currently he’s a game designer and he lives in Cedar Park, Texas. He’s married and has three daughters. You can read about him at Anthony Huso’s website.

The Last Page

The Last Page — (2010-2012) Publisher: After graduating from a prestigious college, Caliph Howl reluctantly returns to the Duchy of Stonehold and assumes his role as the country’s last living heir. But when the curtains are drawn back on the dark mechanisms of the Duchy’s capital, Caliph is appalled. Isca City flickers with blood-soaked mathematicians, underworld witches and lolling gas-lit slums. As he struggles with civil war, energy crisis and occult creatures he is initially elated when his college obsession — Sena Iilool — arrives. What he doesn’t know is that Sena has found and brought with her the Cisrym Ta, a book fabled to contain omnipotent numbers: the veritable academese of gods.  It is her agenda to unlock the book’s secrets at any cost, even if it means betraying Caliph’s trust. As the new power couple at the center of the Duchy’s greatest political storm, both Caliph and Sena are forced to grapple not only with relentless forces in the city that would see each of them dead, but with the complexities of their own relationship and the primordial peril unleashed by Sena’s obsession with the Cisrym Ta.

fantasy book reviews Anthony Huso The Last Page 2. Black Bottlefantasy book reviews Anthony Huso The Last Page 2. Black Bottle

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The Last Page: Thrills and originality in spades

The Last Page by Anthony Huso

The Last Page by Anthony Huso is an exciting debut novel that, despite some rough spots here and there, delivers thrills and originality in spades, and promises great things for the future.

Caliph Howl, the main character, is described on the book’s cover as Stonehold’s “reluctant High King,” but when The Last Page starts off, Caliph is actually still the crown prince and a student of holomorphy (blood-fueled magic) at the High College of Desdae. Despite the college’s celibacy rule, he has a relationship with Sena, another student who has been trained by the Shradnae Witchocracy to use both magic and sex to advance her country’s political interests, and who is trying to unlock the secrets of a mysterious book called the Cisrim Ta. It takes a handful of chapters for Caliph to leave the college and assume the crown, giving ... Read More