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Jacqueline Lepore

Jacqueline Lepore Dr. Jacqueline Lepore is a licensed psychologist who received her degrees at the University of Pennsylvania. She lives in Maryland with her husband, three children, and a houseful of pets. Read an excerpt of her first novel at Jacqueline Lepore’s website.

Emma Andrews

Emma Andrews — (2010-2011) Publisher: The Extraordinary Adventures of Emma Andrews, Victorian Lady and Vampire Hunter. “Though it is many decades later, it all comes back to me; back to those early days when the terror was new and I was dangerously untrained. When I was young and did not yet know I had a secret…” Twenty-five-year-old widow Emma Andrews grew up in the shadow of her mother’s madness, so when she arrives at Dulwich Manor in the midst of a mysterious plague and soon thereafter begins to see specters, her family fears fate has finally caught up with her. But one guest among them knows Emma’s visions are more than a trick of the mind. Valerian Fox has hunted the great vampire lord Marius through time and across continents, and he knows Emma has a remarkable destiny. She is Dhampir — a vampire hunter. Surrounded by those who would use her powers for their own ends, Emma does not know who to trust or what she can believe. But when her young cousin is marked for death, she must embrace the terrible inheritance that lies in her very blood to save those she loves. An extraordinary saga of courage, love, duty, and honor, of darkest destiny and ancient evil… and of the shadow of the Dracula himself. It begins.

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Descent into Dust: Atmospheric Victorian pastiche

Descent into Dust  by Jacqueline Lepore

Jacqueline Lepore’s Descent into Dust is an atmospheric Victorian pastiche complete with a forbidding mansion, an innocent child in danger, the shadow of madness, and vampires. Emma Andrews is a young and wealthy widow coming to the moors to visit her newly married half-sister and their cousins. Emma has always felt like an outsider. The specter of her mother’s madness and death haunt her. Soon after arriving at Dulwich Manor, Emma has a frightening encounter on the moors. The house, which has a strong Catholic history, has Latin aphorisms carved onto its walls, and most of them, when Emma translates them, add to her sense of foreboding. Emma distrusts her own senses, but she should not. The village and the prehistoric settlement on the hill beyond the house are the home to an ancient evil, and that evil has drawn a powerful vampire determined to waken it. Read More