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Elaine Isaak

fantasy author elaine isaak(1973- )
Elaine Isaak attended the Rhode Island School of Design and worked for a while sewing animal mascot costumes for a rental shop before developing her own business, Curious Characters, which creates original design stuffed animals and small-scale metal sculptures. Isaak founded a poetry group called Poets Unbound and attended the Odyssey Speculative Fiction Workshop. She has two children and lives in New Hampshire with her family. Read sample chapters at Elaine Isaak’s website.

The Singer’s Crown & The Eunuch’s Heir

The Singer’s Crown & The Eunuch’s Heir — (2005-2006) Publisher: When his uncle murders his family to take over the kingdom, Prince Kattanan duRhys is the only one of royal blood left alive… at a terrible cost. Mutilated, he can neither longer claim his throne, nor sire heirs to reign against the tyrannous new ruler. Trained as a harmless singer, Kattanan falls into an impossible, secret love with the Princess Melisande. But her jealous fiancé has his own nefarious plans, including a dark conspiracy with Kattanan’s traitor… and a sinister magic that could destroy the kingdom. Banished, betrayed, rescued and revealed, Kattanan becomes the focal point of his grandmother’s obsessive plot to depose his uncle. But can he gain the throne? And at what price? With the help of a disgraced prince, a female wizard, a powerful magic–breaker, a fiancé he doesn’t want, and the man in love with her, Kattanan finds an unorthodox way to reclaim his kingdom and win the heart of his love.

Elaine Isaak The Singer's Crown, The Eunuch's HeirElaine Isaak The Singer's Crown, The Eunuch's Heirfantasy and science fiction book reviews

The Singer’s Crown: This book has nothing

The Singer's Crown by Elaine Isaak

When I picked up The Singer's Crown and read the back of it, I thought it sounded pretty generic, but an instinct told me that I should pick it up and give it a try. I don't know, perhaps I'm desperate for another Carol Berg or Lynn Flewelling. I'm not exactly sure what tree I was barking up here, because Elaine Isaak's work made this review less of a "Did Not Finish" and more of a "Barely Began".

The one thing I liked about The Singer's Crown was that when the blurb on the back talks about Kattanan being mutilated, it means that he was made a eunuch. That was a good twist, right at the beginning, and boy was I glad to see an Evil Usurping Uncle™ that had the brains and good sen... Read More