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Peter Valentine Timlett

(1933- )
Peter Valentine Timlett was born on St Valentine’s Day in Lambreth, England. He has written many short stories and novellas, but is best known for The Seedbearer Trilogy.



Druid — (1974-1977) Publisher: Fantasy – A fantasy about sinking Atlantis. Men and supernatural forces are locked in a battle. And the prize for the victors is the future of mankind.

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The Seedbearers: Virtually unreadable

The Seedbearers by Peter Valentine Timlett

The 1970’s were the heyday of the “sword and sorcery” boom that started a decade earlier with the publication of pulp fantasy adventure writer Robert E. Howard’s CONAN stories by Lancer Books. The popularity of Howard’s newly rediscovered (at least to young fantasy readers such as myself at the time) work, coupled with the earlier surge of interest in fantasy spearheaded by the mass market paperback editions of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and THE LORD OF THE RINGS published by Ballantine Books, led to a decade where mass market paperback fantasy books could be found almost anywhere: grocery stores, newsstands, and of course bookstores. The general plots of most of these works include... Read More