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M.D. Lachlan

M.D. Lachlan(1964- )
M.D. Lachlan is the pseudonym of Mark Barrowcliffe. He worked as a journalist and also as a stand-up comedian before giving it all up to write his first novel, Girlfriend 44. He lives with his wife and children in Brighton. Here’s M.D. Lachlan / Mark Barrowcliffe’s blog.


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Another of Gollancz's heavily promoted debut authors is all set to release his book Wolfsangel on 20th May (reviewed by Amanda). In celebration of that, we'd like to introduce you to M D Lachlan! He sits down and chats with us about research, Norse mythology, and whether Lad Lit is an appropriate genre tag...

We have a giveaway linked to this interview: three lucky UK readers can get their hands on a copy of Wolfsangel by leaving a comment for M D Lachlan below. That's right, folks, it is a UK-only giveaway this time round - but US readers who wish to leave a comment will be entered into a drawing to win a book from the FanLit stacks. Please specify whether you are a US or UK reader in your comment!

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Wolfsangel — (2010-2012) Publisher: The Viking King Athun leads his men on a raid against an Anglo-Saxon village. Men and women are killed indiscriminately but Athun demands that no child be touched. He is acting on prophecy. A prophecy that tells him that the Saxons have stolen a child from the Gods. If Athun, in turn, takes the child and raises him as an heir, the child will lead his people to glory. But Athun discovers not one child, but twin baby boys. Ensuring that his faithful warriors, witness to what has happened, die during the raid Athun takes the children and their mother home, back to the witches who live on the troll wall. And he places his destiny in their hands. And so begins a stunning multi-volume fantasy epic that will take a werewolf from his beginnings as the heir to a brutal viking king, down through the ages. It is a journey that will see him hunt for his lost love through centuries and lives, and see the endless battle between the wolf, Odin and Loki — the eternal trickster — spill over into countless bloody conflicts from our history, and over into our lives. This is the myth of the werewolf as it has never been told before and marks the beginning of an extraordinary new fantasy series from Gollancz.

M.D. Lachlan The Craw Trilogy 1. Wolfsangel M.D. Lachlan The Craw Trilogy 1. Wolfsangel 2. FenrirM.D. Lachlan The Craw Trilogy 1. Wolfsangel 2. Fenrir 3. Lord of Slaughter

Wolfsangel: Fine heroic fantasy

Wolfsangel by M.D. Lachlan

M.D. Lachlan brings us a story from the North, where a Prince falls in love with a farmer’s daughter and goes to the far ends of the earth to rescue her from slavery. Vali is the Prince in question, a boy stolen by King Athun under the influence of prophecy. What begins as a straightforward tale of Viking politics and berserker raiding as Vali grows from boy to man becomes infinitely more rewarding — a novel dealing with secretive magic and an everlasting battle between the Gods Odin and Loki.

The strength of Wolfsangel lies in Lachlan’s superlative storytelling skill. He evokes the frozen wastes of the Viking kings. We feel the biting cold, see the bleak wilderness, hear the myths of the Gods. From the very first the characters are larger than life, yet still believable and easy to sympathise with. I particularly enjoyed exploring the twin brothers Vali a... Read More