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Gary Gygax

Gary Gygax fantasy author greyhawk dungeons and dragons dangerous journeys March 4, 2008(1938-2008)
Gary Gygax
was one of the creators of Dungeons & Dragons. He has written numerous D & D game books and also contributed to the Greyhawk series. Gary Gygax died on March 4, 2008. Read author Dru Pagliassotti’s tribute to him.

Dangerous Journeys

Dangerous Journeys — (1989-1993) There are game books that go with this series, of course. Publisher: Gary Gygax, father of fantasy roleplaying and the co-creator of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, weaves a fantastic tale of warring wizards that spans the world from the pyramids of ancient Egypt to the mist-shrouded towns of medieval England. Someone is murdering the world’s most powerful sorcerers, and the trail of blood leads straight to Anubis, the solemn god known by most as the Master of Jackals. Can Magister Setne Inhetep, personal philosopher-wizard to the Pharaoh, reach the distant kingdom of Avillonia and put an end to the Anubis Murders, or will he be claimed as the latest victim?

Gary Gygax Dangerous Journeys 1. The Anubis Murders 2. The Samarkand Solution 3. Death in DelhiGary Gygax Dangerous Journeys 1. The Anubis Murders 2. The Samarkand Solution 3. Death in Delhifantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

The Anubis Murders: A fun mystery from the creator of D&D

The Anubis Murders by Gary Gygax

Gary Gygax is best known as the co-creator of a role-playing game so famous it is woven into the fabric of popular culture: Dungeons and Dragons. He passed away in 2008. Dangerous Journeys: The Anubis Murders was meant as the first in a series of novel tie-ins to a game of the same name.

I revere Gygax for his contributions to gaming and the use of the imagination. About The Anubis Murders, I can confidently say that it’s a good book to have on hand if you think you’ll have a boring bus ride in your future or the camping trip might get rained on, stranding you in your tent.

The paperback version I read was published by Roc in 1992. The story is not particularly dated, and the puzzle solved by Setne Inhetep, the Egyptian (only it’s spelled with the ligature-letter Æ) wizard-detective, is interesting. The bald,... Read More

More by Gary Gygax

Gary Gygax Infernal SorceressInfernal Sorceress — (2008) Read a news article about Infernal Sorceress. Publisher: The legendary “lost” Gary Gygax novel blazes into print for the first time ever, offering a new glimpse at a master fantasist at the peak of his game. The long-awaited Infernal Sorceress marks Gygax’s triumphant return to fiction with two new characters, the handsome swordsman Raker and his cunning daggerman Ferret, a duo of rough-and-tumble rogues ready for the intrigues and adventures of a hostile world. Swashbuckling swordplay, hideous monsters, and puzzling mysteries abound in this new tale from a master of sword and sorcery.