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Ralph Milne Farley

Ralph Milne Farley was the pen name of Roger Sherman Hoar, who was born in 1887 in Waltham, Mass. Hoar became a sci-fi author after careers as a state senator, teacher, and nonfiction writer. He passed away in 1963, at the age of 76.


An Earthman on Venus: Formian follows function

An Earthman on Venus by Ralph Milne Farley

Sometimes, it seems, a man must go through any number of occupations before hitting on the one for which he will be best remembered. Take, for example, the case of Massachusetts-born Roger Sherman Hoar, who, before he turned 37, was an assistant attorney general and state senator, taught classes in engineering and math, and wrote books about patent, tariff and Constitutional law; after moving to the Midwest, Hoar would also become a state senator in Wisconsin. An impressive enough career for any man, to be sure, but today, Hoar is undoubtedly best remembered for the science fiction novels that he somehow found the time to write, hidden behind the pen name Ralph Milne Farley.

The first novel of Farley’s to see the light of day, The Radio Man, was initially serialized in the pages of the 10-cent weekly Argosy magazine, a... Read More