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Celine Kiernan

Celine KiernanBorn and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Celine Kiernan has spent the majority of her working life in the film business. Trained at the SullivanBluth Studio’s, her career as a classical feature character animator has spanned over seventeen years. She’s spent most of her time working between Germany, Ireland and the USA. Married and the bemused mother of two entertaining teens, Celine currently lives a peaceful life in the blissful countryside of Cavan, Ireland. Here is Celine Kiernan’s website.


The Moorehawke Trilogy

The Moorehawke Trilogy — (2008-2010) Publisher: Politics and Corruption. Insurgencies. Racial intolerance. Religious repression. And a weapon of Mass Destruction. No, this is not 2008, but the world of The Moorehawke Trilogy: an imagined medieval Europe, peppered with historical improbabilities, like talking cats and vicious and violent ghosts. The first book The Poison Throne, is no twee fantasy, but more a gothic graphic novel with powerful emotional relationships and a visually stunning landscape. Chief protagonist is Wynter Moorehawke, an older than her years master craftswoman, whose childhood was spent within the royal court. Skilled at diplomacy and game playing, Wynter nonetheless finds herself totally shaken by the realm that she returns to after five years away. Days of laughter, friendly ghosts and chatty cats remain only in her memory’s eye. The present confronts her with power play, intrigue, and dark torture chambers; violent wailing spirits and cats (those that are still alive) too scared to talk to humans. The Inquisition has become a real and present danger. Wynter’s fate lies with the resistance, but does that resistance come from within the realm or without? Together with her great friend The Lord Razi and his mysterious friend Christopher Garron, Wynter must try and restore the Kingdom to its former stability and peace. But this new Kingdom is a dangerous place, where all resistance is brutally suppressed, and the trio run the constant risk of imprisonment, torture and death.

Celine Kiernan The Moorehawke Trilogy 1. The Poison Throne 2. The Crowded Shadows 3. The Rebel PrinceCeline Kiernan The Moorehawke Trilogy 1. The Poison Throne 2. The Crowded Shadows 3. The Rebel PrinceCeline Kiernan The Moorehawke Trilogy 1. The Poison Throne 2. The Crowded Shadows 3. The Rebel Prince

The Poison Throne: Immediately engaging characters

The Poison Throne by Celine Kiernan

After five years away on the King’s business, Wynter Moorehawke and Lorcan, her father, have returned to court. Though they are carpenters of common birth, they also serve their friend, King Jonathan, as Lord and Lady Protector. Wynter is excited to be reunited with her childhood friends Alberon and Razi, the King’s legitimate and illegitimate sons, respectively. They were like brothers to her and she and Lorcan were practically part of the King’s family. But it quickly becomes clear that things have changed dramatically since she’s been gone. King Jonathan has become a tyrant, and with her father’s fading health, Wynter realizes that even her own life could be in danger.

The Poison Throne is a pleasant read due to some immediately engaging characters: Wynter, Lorcan, Razi, Razi’s new friend Christopher, a ghost, and a palace cat. Kate Rudd, who narrated the... Read More

The Crowded Shadows: Characters are inflamed and angsty, I’m bored

The Crowded Shadows by Celine Kiernan

I was hoping that the pace of The Moorehawke Trilogy would pick up once Razi, Christopher, and Wynter left the castle but, alas, this story continues to crawl at a glacial pace. In The Crowded Shadows, the three friends wander the forest with no plan but to find Prince Alberon (somewhere among thousands of acres) so they can hear his side of the story — why is he rebelling against his father? While they traipse about the forest, they spend a lot of time eating, fishing, sleeping, occasionally bathing, and becoming emotionally unstable.

Soon they realize that there are other people sneaking around in the forest who shouldn’t be there (thus the name The Crowded Shadows) and Razi, Christopher, and Wynter spend their days wondering what these people are doing and fighting, hidin... Read More