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Wayne Barlowe

(1958- )
Wayne Barlowe is a fantasy artist. You can view his work (including many scenes from God’s Demon) at his website.


God’s Demon: Extraordinary fantasy set in the bowels of Hell

God's Demon by Wayne Barlowe

From acclaimed artist Wayne Barlowe, whose distinctive stamp can be found in literature (Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials, Expedition), film (Harry Potter 3 + 4, Blade II, Hellboy), television (Discovery Channel’s Alien Planet, Babylon 5) and videogames (Dead Rush, Prototype) as well as appearing in numerous museums, Time, Life, and Newsweek, comes the creator’s latest visionary piece God's Demon, an extraordinary fantasy novel set in the bowels of Hell.

Influenced by John Milton’s Paradise Lost (Barlowe recently did pre-production artwork for the film adaptation) and his own artbooks Ba... Read More

God’s Demon: A heart-wrenching tale of remorse

God's Demon by Wayne Barlowe

Every so often you just get lucky and find a great book that you were not even looking for. For me that often seems to happen at the airport, and that was the case when I picked up God's Demon, Wayne Barlowe's gritty, at times horrifying novel depicting the reality of the Angels who fell from Heaven with Lucifer.

Now, if you are not versed in Christian ideology, then this book requires a little explanation. Basically, the Angels lived with God, then a group of Angels became resentful and wanted to change things. There was a war in Heaven and the rebellious Angels were summarily deported to Hell. Hell in this case is a quasi-earth-like existence, where many of the elements are harsh and unforgiving and the Fallen Angels have been transformed into the opposite of their Heavenly forms. If you want to know more… well, for the purposes of the book, that should su... Read More