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Rjurik Davidson

Rjurik DavidsonRjurik Davidson has written short stories, essays, reviews and screenplays. He writes reviews of speculative fiction for the Age newspaper and film reviews for several magazines. Rjurik’s screenplay The Uncertainty Principle (co-written with Ben Chessell) is currently in development. He has been short-listed for and won a number of awards. He can be found at He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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Caeli-Amur — (2015-2016) Publisher: A hundred years ago, the Minotaurs saved Caeli-Amur from conquest. Now, three very different people may hold the keys to the city’s survival. Once, it is said, gods used magic to create reality, with powers that defied explanation. But the magic—or science, if one believes those who try to master the dangers of thaumaturgy—now seems more like a dream. Industrial workers for House Technis, farmers for House Arbor, and fisher folk of House Marin eke out a living and hope for a better future. But the philosopher-assassin Kata plots a betrayal that will cost the lives of godlike Minotaurs; the ambitious bureaucrat Boris Autec rises through the ranks as his private life turns to ashes; and the idealistic seditionist Maximilian hatches a mad plot to unlock the vaunted secrets of the Great Library of Caeli-Enas, drowned in the fabled city at the bottom of the sea, its strangeness visible from the skies above. In a novel of startling originality and riveting suspense, these three people, reflecting all the hopes and dreams of the ancient city, risk everything for a future that they can create only by throwing off the shackles of tradition and superstition, as their destinies collide at ground zero of a conflagration that will transform the world . . . or destroy it. Unwrapped Sky is a stunningly original debut by Rjurik Davidson, a young master of the New Weird.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

Unwrapped Sky: An evocative setting, but an off-putting sense of distance

Unwrapped Sky by Rjurik Davidson 

Unwrapped Sky, the debut novel by Rjurik Davidson, has an evocative setting, an intriguing set-up, and an often lyrical and lovely prose style, but an off-putting distance between the reader and its characters/material works against these strengths, leaving more of a sense of “what could have been” than I would have preferred.

A clear denizen of the New Weird or Urban Weird, Unwrapped Sky introduces us to Caeli-Amur, an ancient city rising out of the dark ages brought about from the legendary God War and its ensuing Cataclysm, one which sank Caeli-Amur’s sister city beneath the waves and left the city peppered with ancient, often incomprehensible technology left by those Gods. Now, long after the Cataclysm and a hundred years after the Minotaurs saved the city from foreign conquest, it is ruled by a handful of Great Houses:  Technis, Arbor, and Marin. T... Read More