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Bernard Cornwell

Bernard Cornwell(1944- )
Bernard Cornwell is a British author known for his historical fiction. You can read more about him at Bernard Cornwell’s website.


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Agincourt: Skirts the line between historical fiction and fantasy

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Agincourt by Bernard Cornwell

[In our Edge of the Universe column, we review mainstream authors that incorporate elements of speculative fiction into their “literary” work. However you want to label them, we hope you’ll enjoy discussing these books with us.]

Often there is a fine line between historical fiction and fantasy. In the case of Agincourt by Bernard Cornwell, the line is especially blurry. Of course, there is no magic or elves or dragons. That’s not to say that things are completely mundane, but there is that very important distinction.

Agincourt is set in the time of Henry V and Bernard Cornwell paints a vividly bleak picture of the conditions that people lived in bac... Read More