World Wide Websday: April 16, 2014

Happy day after tax day! I hope your April 15 was relatively painless, and maybe even happy as you discovered a lovely refund coming your way. And what better to spend it on than books? Nothing, I say: nothing. Just pick something from the most recent awards, for instance, and you’ll have hours of joy in exchange for your bills and coins. What could be better than that?

Awards News

The Aurealis Awards have been announced, celebrating the best in Australian science fiction, fantasy and horror fiction. Here’s hoping most of these books ultimately get outside the bounds of that splendid isle, so that we can all enjoy them! Some, like Max Barry’s Lexicon (best science fiction novel) and Joanne Ande... Read More

World Wide Websday: March 26, 2014

Lists and Awards

I’m list-lite this week, so here are Buzzfeed’s reasons that 2014 may be the best year for fantasy books in a long time. These aren’t necessarily my reasons that 2014 will be good for fantasy, because men-posing-with-medieval-weapons just isn’t my genre, but hey.

Articles and Such

And now for all the miscellany I could find! First, from Ryan, here’s a good Atlantic article asking why every YA action heroine has to be so tiny and fragile. Speaking as a girl who spent her middle school years hulking through the halls and reading YA fantasy about bird-boned girls who have mighty adventures—DUDE, WHY. Especially if they’re going to learn a weapon and ride into battle.
... Read More

World Wide Websday: March 19, 2014

Lists and Awards

Drumroll: The Clarke Award shortlist has been announced!  And it includes my BFF in book form, Ancillary Justiceas well as Kameron Hurley's The God's War.

And now most of the SFF award world is standing around waiting with baited breath for the Hugos and Nebulas, but you can read some thoughts on the “retro-Hugos” here if you like. I didn’t know they were a thing, and now I’m not sure I understand why they’re a thing.

Two promi... Read More

World Wide Websday: February 12, 2014

Lists and Awards

First, the Lambda Award nominees are up—this is a literary prize for LGBT fiction, which has had a historically friendly relationship with SFF. This year, I see that Nicola Griffith’s Hildhas been nominated. Chant with me: HILD, HILD, HILD.

Next we have the Spectrum Fantastic Art Award finalists. I know almost nothing about speculative art, but I know has a very pretty blog post of some of the finalists’ work. On the subject of art, there’s also an amateur art contest being judged by Jane Lindskold. If I were submitting, which I ... Read More

World Wide Websday: February 26, 2014

Lists and Awards

First and most excitingly, the Nebula nominees have been announced! And it’s a neck-to-neck race between some of my favorite books from the last year, including Hild, Ancillary Justice, The Golem and the Jinni, The Ocean at the End of the Lane and A Stranger in Oolandria. If I had to choose between them (which I will never be asked to do), I’d melt into a puddle of indecisive tears. Also, this feels like it has to be some kind of a record for female and... Read More

World Wide Websday: February 19, 2014

Lists and awards

This week the list-making and award-presenting elves of the literary world have been out in full force, so let me start by drawing your attention to the Kitschies. Recognizing the “most progressive, intelligent and entertaining works” of speculative fiction, they have announced their winners and finalists. Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being received the (coveted?) Red Tentacle for Best Novel, while Ancillary Justice got the Golden Tentacle for Best Debut. Ms. Leckie should probably just clear a shelf for awards ahead of time.

The James Tiptree, Jr. Award has also ... Read More

World Wide Websday: February 12, 2014

Lists and articles

We are experiencing a list and award drought. Book buying sales might suffer, and the quality of the Websday post might decline, but we persevere! First, here’s a single, lonely list to tide you over: The zaniest alternate histories ever published, compiled by iO9. They’ll always make a list in our hour of need.

We’re also a little lite on articles, but here’s a really juicy one from SF Signal asking the provocative question: What’s wrong with epic fantasy? Other than, I assume, racial exclusion, problematic gender portrayals, obsessive Tolkein-ism, and an infestation of dragons.

At the opposite end of high fantasy, we’ve got high space. Read More

World Wide Websday: February 5th, 2014

Lists and awards

An award for every man, woman, and child! First up, the British Science Fiction Association has announced their shortlist, which includes such near-to-my-heart things as Vandermeer’s Wonderbook, Leckie’s Ancillary Justice, and Sofia Samatar’s “Selkie Stories are for Losers.” Then there’s the Quantum Shorts flash fiction competition, which has released their shortlisted stories. Locus Magazine also has their reader’s survey and poll open for voting. And Strange Horizons has the results of their poll of reader’s favorites... Read More

World Wide Websday: January 29, 2013

Lists and awards

And to think I used to live my life blissfully unaware that bloggers and awards committees were out there busily compiling lists of excellent books.

First, the awards news: Sofia Samatar has won the Crawford Award for an outstanding first fantasy novel, A Stranger in OlondriaThe Bram Stoker Award has also publicized their preliminary ballot, which is great for non-me people who read and love horror (I don’t do horror; I watched The Sixth Sense in 5th grade and it literally haunts me to this day and yes I am aware that most people don’t even consider it a horror movie).  The Clarke Awards have also released a li... Read More

World Wide Websday: January 22, 2014

Lists and awards

Realization: There will never be a time when I do not have lists of books that all of us want and only some of us can afford and none of us have time to read. Here’s Wilder’s Book Review’s 10 books to look forward to in 2014. Am now interested in The Incorruptiblesbased purely on the woodblock sexiness of the cover.

Jonathan Strahan has also recently released the table of contents for Volume 8 of The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, and the gender, ethnicity, and even publication diversity is very much appreciated. High fives for helping to silence the old but-we’d-have-to-sacrifice-literary-quality-on-the-altar-of-political-correctness nonsense.

Oh, and there... Read More

World Wide Websday: January 15, 2014

Lists and awards

For some reason I keep thinking lists are over, but they’re obviously still going strong and who am I to complain. Amazon’s Omnivoracious has a list of SFF books coming up in 2014, compiled by Robin A. Rothman. iO9 also has their 2014 list up, and it’s long, annotated, and arranged by month. I might just cut and paste the whole thing into my calendar. Oh, and Strange Horizons had their reviewers pick their favorite books of 2013 last Monday and I somehow missed it.

There’s also, of course, a lot of various awards-related buzzing going on. Writertopia provides a useful list of writers eligibl... Read More

World Wide Websday: January 8, 2014

Lists and awards

The days of list-abundance might be finally winding to a close. This week, all I’ve got for you are a couple of upcoming-books-in-January lists. First, My Bookish Ways has their SFF and YA list up. Kirkus Reviews also has a list of upcoming releases, including commentary and summaries. I’m especially intrigued by Jo Walton’s collected reviews in What Makes this Book So Great, and Chang-Rae Lee's On Such a Full Sea. Lastly, ... Read More

World Wide Websday: January 1, 2014

Happy 2014, all ye subscribers to the Gregorian Calendar (you think I'm joking, but my Ethiopian roommate informed me that it's 2006 in Ethiopia right now, and New Year's is in September).  Also, writing that date was a struggle for me, I just want everyone to know.  If it had been on paper, I'd have been stuck trying to smoothly turn a 3 into a 4, which we all know is doomed to failure.

Awards and things arranged in lists

You see, there are actually several different species of end-of-the-year lists.  The commercial ones come out a couple of weeks before Christmas, with the sinister aim of encouraging you to buy a ton of books for your relatives.  Then there are more blogger-ly lists, which come out at the actual end of the year.  Without further ado:

i09 has provided a predictable-but-not-too-predictable Read More

WWW: Merry Christmas!

Well, it's Christmas and we're all snuggled up with our friends and families, so just a couple of things for you today:

Remember Lauren Zurchin who we met back in February when she told us about the Fantasy Author calendar she was creating for charity? Well, it's finished and it's really cool.

The proceeds from the calendars go to two literacy charities: First Book and Patrick Rothfuss's Worldbuilders, which we keep reminding you about. Thanks to some funding from Random House, all donations made to First Book during December are being tripled. And for every calendar sold by December 31, Patrick Rothfu... Read More

World Wide Websday: December 18, 2013

Welcome to Christmas-is-Officially-a-Week-Away mania, in which there are many lists made and gift guides hurriedly compiled. Unfortunately for me, most of these lists only apply to me, rather than the people I desperately need to find last-minute gifts for.

Lists and awards

There’s only one piece of award news this week: The Carl Brandon Parallax and Kindred Awards are open for nominations now, which recognizes the best speculative fiction dealing with race and ethnicity in 2013.

But what we lack in awards, we make up for in massive mid-December listing. There’s so many lists that I’m pulling out my emergency stash of bullet points:’s list of the best sci-fi and fantasy of the year includes some familiar titles, but also some excellent mini-awards li... Read More

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