World Wide Wednesday

Started by Amanda Rutter, in 2010, World Wide Wednesday is now hosted by Kate Lechler. On most Wednesdays, Kate will take you around the internet, letting you in on some interesting news from the SFF community. If you’ve got a tidbit to share, please comment on the latest post, or contact Kate.

WWWebsday: September 10, 2014

On this day in 2008, the Large Hadron Collider was powered up in Geneva, Switzerland, and proton beams circulated in the main ring.

Art by Elisabetta Trevisan

Writing, Editing, and Publishing:

Geoff Mak conducts a wonderful interview with Karen Russell, one of my favorite fabulist/slipstream authors; they discuss her favorite authors and myths.

Io9 has a great article on the Islamic roots of science fiction. Not only were they way ahead of Western Europe in science and math, but they also have what sounds like a really cool speculative fiction tradition that predates Frankenstein. More to read!

Okay, Read More

WWWebsday: August 27, 2014

On this day in 1992, Super Mario Kart was released in Japan, launching the entire Mario Kart series.

Fairy Ring by Arthur Rackham

Writing, Editing, and Publishing:

The nominees for the 2014 Endeavor Awards, for a distinguished SF/F novel published by an author from the Pacific Northwest, have been announced; the winner will be announced at the next OryCon, held in Portland, OR.

The European Science Fiction Society presented awards this past weekend at the 36th Eurocon, Shamrokon in Dublin.

Finally, the Sidewise Awards (for best alternate history) and the Chesley Awards (for best science fiction or fantasy art) were awarde... Read More

WWWebsday: August 20, 2014

On this day in 1962, the NS Savannah sailed on her maiden voyage. Savannah was the first nuclear powered passenger ship and she was commissioned as part of Eisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace” initiative, which sought to rebrand nuclear power after the use of atomic force in WWII. Savannah ended up visiting 45 foreign ports and taking 848 passengers, before being decommissioned and moored in Baltimore, Maryland.

Art by Salvador Dali

Writing, Editing, and Publishing:

Perhaps the biggest news in SFF publishing this week comes to us from LonCon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention in London this past weekend. The Hugo Awards were announced, with Ann Leckie winning best novel for A... Read More

WWWebsday: August 13, 2014

On this day in 1913, Otto Witte, an acrobat, was purportedly crowned king of Albania. Read his story here: it’s hilarious.

Writing, Editing, and Publishing:

Jack Heckel wrote a beautiful article for about why we keep retelling fairytales, as he promotes his soon-to-be-released book, Once Upon a Rhyme, which follows the exploits of Prince Charming. I’m glad this gap will be filled; we need some more masculinity studies of fairy tales to complement the study of fairy tale’s female gender roles!

Recently Star Trek author David Mack received a letter from a reader claiming that they wouldn’t read him anymore since he wrote about same-sex relationships. Read More

WWWebsday: August 6, 2014

Today, we’re featuring two events on this date in history. First, in 1991, Tim Berners-Lee made public his idea for the World Wide Web. Here at WWWebsday, we salute Berners-Lee!

It is also the date, in 1996, that NASA announced that the meteorite ALH 84001 contained evidence of primitive life-forms. While the existence of non-terrestrial life has never been proven, this meteorite presents some fascinating evidence. Read about it here.

Art by Remedios Varos

Writing, Editing, and Publishing:

Lev Grossman has been publishing all over the place this week to coincide with the release of his latest novel, The Magician’s Land. This essay is about his ... Read More

WWWebsday: July 30, 2014

On this day in 1932, Disney released Flowers and Trees, their first cartoon short to use Technicolor and the first animated short to win an Academy Award. It’s about dancing flowers and trees—pretty much what you’d expect. Also, today is author Cherie Priest’s birthday!

Art by Beatrix Potter

Writing, Editing, and Publishing:

On her blog, Terri Windling writes “In Praise of Re-Reading,” a fascinating piece on how, as we change, our perceptions of our favorite books change with us.

Maybe you guys knew about this already. I’m kinda slow. However, when I saw t... Read More

WWWebsday: July 16, 2014

On this day in 1945, the United States successfully detonated a plutonium based test weapon in New Mexico as part of the Manhattan Project, bringing in the Atomic Age.

The Atomic Age

Writing, Editing, and Publishing:

The World Fantasy Awards announced the 2014 list of nominees last week, as well as the two winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and my girl Ellen Datlow.

Tor interviews Tiphanie Yanique, whose first novel, Land of Love and Drowning, has just been released. She is planning someday to write a retelling of the fairytale, “The Twelve Dancing Princesses,” which ... Read More

WWWebsday: July 9, 2014

We’re a little thin on the ground today, but here goes!

On this day in 1981, Donkey Kong debuted and the world was introduced to everyone’s favorite Italian plumber, Mario.

Writing, Editing, and Publishing:

Art by Alexander McQueen

Two pieces today by writers, about writing, both from First, Mary Pearson wrote this article about using ancient history to inspire new fantasy worlds, citing George R. R. Martin and Robin LaFevers as examples. Second, Read More

WWWebsday: June 18, 2014

On this day in 1178, five monks in Canterbury were observing the moon and saw “the upper horn split in two.” As they describe it, “A flaming torch sprang up . . . the body of the Moon which was below writhed . . . throbbed like a wounded snake . . . after these transformations, the Moon from horn to horn, that is along its whole length, took on a blackish appearance.”

Only in 1976 did geologist Jack B. Hartung suggest that this phenomena was the creation of the moon’s Giordano Bruno crater, and that the monks witnessed it as it happened.

Today's artist is Ellen Jewett.

Writing, Editing,Publishing:

For all you role-players, Jason Heller at the A.V. Club writes a review of one of his c... Read More

WWWebsday: June 11, 2014

On this day in 2003, the Spirit Rover was launched, beginning the Mars Exploration Rover Mission. You can learn more about Spirit Rover here: it will leave you feeling a little teary-eyed and inexplicably proud of a machine, just like when you saw Wall-E.

A medieval grotesque

Writing, Editing, and Publishing:

It’s award season! As I announce these awards, you should just imagine me hopping for 3 ½ minutes like Hugh Jackman did at the Tonys. Because that’s totally what I’m doing. Right now.

The Campbell and Sturgeon awards were announced today. Marcel Theroux won the Campbell for hi... Read More

World Wide Websday: June 4, 2014

Welcome to World Wide Websday! On this day in 1783, the Montgolfier brothers demonstrated their new invention — the montgolfiere, or, as we know it, the hot air balloon. 

Today's art is by Leonora Carrington

Writing, editing, publishing:

It just came out this week that George R.R. Martin may be considering stretching the "Song of Ice and Fire" series to eight books instead of the planned seven. I'm with blogger Netw3rk . . . it may be time to start skipping ... Read More

World Wide Websday: May 28, 2014

What to Read Now

Toovia suggests six of the best fantasy comics around. I’ve read a few volumes of LOCKE & KEY, and they’re great (the whole series is going on vacation with me soon, and I plan to read them straight through and then write about them). I really enjoy FABLES, too; and based on our very own Brad’s rave review, I’ve got three volumes of SAGA patiently waiting on my shelf for me t... Read More

World Wide Websday, May 21, 2014


The Nebula Award winners have been announced. Ann Leckie is cutting quite a swath with her first novel, Ancillary Justice, which has now won the Nebula, the British Science Fiction Award and the Arthur C. Clarke Award. It’s also up for a Hugo.

The winners of the Spectrum Awards have been announced.

The finalists for the Ditmar Awards have been announced Read More

World Wide Websday: May 14, 2014

The biggest news to hit the Internet in the last few weeks has been the addition of two wonderful new members to the happy family here at Fantasy Literature. Sandy Ferber is a name that readers who frequently visit the site will recognize, as Sandy has been a guest reviewer for a long time now; we’re delighted to have him as a full-timer. And Kate Lechler is someone we simply picked off the blogosphere because we liked her word-wielding. Please join us in welcoming them both!

And after that, a warning. We haven't had a WWW column in a few weeks, and they've been a VERY busy couple of weeks in the electronic land we all know and love. So fasten your seatbelts; we have a lot to get through!

Awards News

Read More

World Wide Websday: April 16, 2014

Happy day after tax day! I hope your April 15 was relatively painless, and maybe even happy as you discovered a lovely refund coming your way. And what better to spend it on than books? Nothing, I say: nothing. Just pick something from the most recent awards, for instance, and you’ll have hours of joy in exchange for your bills and coins. What could be better than that?

Awards News

The Aurealis Awards have been announced, celebrating the best in Australian science fiction, fantasy and horror fiction. Here’s hoping most of these books ultimately get outside the bounds of that splendid isle, so that we can all enjoy them! Some, like Max Barry’s Lexicon (best science fiction novel) and Joanne Ande... Read More

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