World Wide Wednesday

World Wide Wednesday is hosted by Marion Deeds. On most Wednesdays, Marion will take you around the internet, letting you in on some interesting news from the SFF community. If you’ve got a tidbit to share, please comment on the latest post, or contact Marion.

WWWednesday: July 28, 2021

Next week’s column will probably be single-topic, because I will be leaving for the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference earlier in the week.

The Ladies of Horror Fiction announced their annual award winners.

Mari Ness had a fun story in Daily SF this week.

The British Fantasy Awards short list is out, and included Alix Harrow, Read More

WWWednesday: July 21, 2021

Charlotte Nicole Davis writes about getting her first Harry Potter tattoo at 21—and getting it removed. A moving essay about the things that get us through childhood, and the things we leave behind.

On Kalimac’s Corner, DB thinks about what they loved about Tolkien, and what other writers they found it in. (Thanks to File 770.)

There’s a new Shirley Jackson biography coming out.

Coincidence, or curse? You decide. Just like the original CW show, Read More

WWWednesday: July 14, 2021

Thanks to Terry Weyna for this link to the Aurealis Award winners.

Congratulation to Natania Barron and other winners of the Manley Wade Wellman Award.

The Ladies of Horror site have unveiled their finalists for 2020. Premee Mohamed, Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Read More

WWWednesday: July 7, 2021

One commenter chosen at random will get the paperback ARC of Nancy Jane Moore’s For the Good of the Realm.

Did I mention I’ll be on The Story Hour tonight? Oh, I did? Well, let me mention it again. It’s tonight, July 7, at 7 pm Pacific Daylight Time… or you’ll be able to find the recording through the site.

Dream Foundry is offering a speculative fiction contest.

Here’s an update on Hugh Ho... Read More

WWWednesday: June 30, 2021

Kelp farming. Image by Matt Cosby.

A “shivoo” (noun) is a raucous party.

Locus Awards were announced Saturday, June 26. Winners include:

Martha Wells, for Best SF Novel, Network Effect

N.K. Jemisin, for Best Fantasy Novel, The City We Became

Silvia Moreno Garcia, Best Horror Novel, Mexican Gothic

Read More

WWWednesday: June 23, 2021

SMOFCon, a convention for people who want to run a convention, is offering three scholarships. The con will be held in December in Lisbon, Portugal.

File 770 addresses the Twitter announcement that the Hugo Administrative Committee for DisCon II (WorldCon) has resigned en masse. The issue may be about space limitations imposed by the Con Committee.  Within the File 770 article is a link to one of the Pixel Scrolls that addresses that concern.

Dean Wesley Smith thinks that writers make things hard for themselves when they start thinking about making money too early in the writing proces... Read More

WWWednesday: June 16, 2021

Jurassic Park. Image from The Mary Sue

In Denmark, helmets have always been a good idea.

Many people I know deeply love the original Jurassic Park film. So does The Mary Sue, which celebrates the film’s birthday, calling it the perfect movie.

At, L.T. Lukens reminds us of five books that sail the oceans to reap adventure.

Also from, Read More

WWWednesday: June 9, 2021

Happy pride

I have been out of town most of this week, so the column is short today.

The Nebula Awards were announced on Friday. Here is the list of winners. Network Effect by Martha Wells took Best Novel and Ring Shout by P. Djeli Clark took Best Novella.

Chris Salisbury muses on the power of night, and what we’ve lost ... Read More

WWWednesday: June 2, 2021


Carol Williams, town Crier. Image from Atlas Obscura

Ta-Nehisi Coates says farewell to Black Panther.

Another trove of previously-undiscovered writings of the Bronte siblings will go to auction in July. Now’s your chance.

LitHub has book recommendations based on your Zodiac sun sign... Read More

WWWednesday: May 26, 2021

Sea Turtle, Image from World Wildlife Federation

Sunday May 23 is National Turtle Day every year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) has put together a round-up of facts about this aquatic reptiles.

Oh, yes, the deep hole of research. For LitHub, Rafe Posey writes about the things we look up and where they lead us.


John Steinbeck was not above using the “ Read More

WWWednesday: May 19, 2021

Charlie Jane Anders

The Speculative Literature Foundation is launching a Convention Support Grant, to help conventions get back on their feet as pandemic measures ease. (Thanks to File 770.)

Hugh Howey is initiating a self-publishing contest similar in structure to Mark Lawrence’s Self-Publishing Blog-Off. Ten book bloggers will review up to 300 self-published SF novels. At the end of a year, a winner will be chosen from among the finalists.

Alexandra Petri knocks it out of the park for her Read More

WWWednesday: May 12, 2021

Coyotl Award, File770

Nerds of a Feather gives us a review of Water Horse by Melissa Scott.

From last month, here is Tordotcom’s 2021 publishing sampler.

Also from last month, Orbit provides a cover reveal of the latest by Tade Thompson.

Baen’s home page shows some new releases too.

From The Little Book of Fem... Read More

WWWednesday: May 5, 2021

Books and Writing:

The European Institute of Astrobiology is launching a Kickstarter to fund an anthology. Some good authors attached to this one.

Publishers Weekly is inaugurating a virtual book conference, the US Book Show, May 25-27. There is a cost to register. This is broad based and not genre specific. (H/T to File 770.)

Clarion West is taking a deep look at the Clarion model of workshopping, with an eye to change. The workshop model had its foundation in academia, which is being scrutinized across the board.

From last week, John Sc... Read More

WWWednesday: April 28, 2021

Books and Writing:

Shadow and Bone Cover, image from Book Smugglers.

Here are seven author-owned bookstores. This article is about an early woman-owned bookstore in New York. The place must have been wonderfully bohemian.

The Last Dangerous Visions anthology will open Read More

WWWednesday: April 21, 2021

Mars, image courtesy of NASA



On Monday, April 19, 2021, the Mars helicopter Ingenuity conducted a 39 second test flight, while Perseverance filmed it.

Here’s an article from NASA with detail about the helicopter.

Writers, Reading, Writing, Books: announced Comeuppance Served Cold an upcoming Jazz Era fantasy, written by me! It will be available in spring, 2022.

Read More

WWWednesday: April 14, 2021

Gray dorcopsis, mage courtesy of Wikipedia

Books and Writing:

It looks like a good Hugo year. File 770 shares where to find works at no cost.

This very long article ranks portrayals of Sherlock Holmes, (after a lengthy description of the criteria and the screening out of various people.) Enjoy.

Speaking of Holmes (kinda) File 770 was one of the stops on the Adler blog tour. Read More

WWWednesday: April 7, 2021

Mars Art by Lisa Mozzini McDill

Writers, Writing, Reading, Books:

Some people don’t know how to daydream? Nancy Jane Moore shares an essay on this valuable gift.

Serial Box has a new name and an expanded mission; it’s now Realm, and it includes podcasts.

The Booknest Fantasy Award winners were announced last week.

Read More

WWWednesday: March 31, 2021

At least it's not April Fool's Day.

(Actually, I came closer than I thought, since I nearly grabbed the file for last week's column in error!)

Writers, Readers, Books:

Larry McMurtry and Beverly Cleary passed away last week. Both leave huge legacies.

Silvia Moreno Garcia and Lavie Tidhar share s... Read More

WWWednesday: March 23, 2021

Image courtesy of the NY Times.

Writers, Writing, Reading, Books:

Nineteenth century SF writers imagined global warming, and this article take a look at a few examples.

File770 provides a tally of the Hugo nominating votes and it’s a small number indeed. This is worrisome because in 2015, this allowed a special interest group to control the nominations. On the other hand, we’ve had other things on our minds this year that nominating for awards. We’ll have to see wh... Read More

WWWednesday: March 17, 2021

Shamrocks, courtesy of

Saturday, March 13, Writer’s Almanac provided a link to the Arizona Lights page on Wikipedia, in honor of the anniversary of the strange lights in the sky in 1997. I thought I’d share.

Writers, Writing, Reading, Books:

The Odyssey Writers Workshop is open for applications, although they haven’t decided how it will be held yet.

In June Marvel Comics will unveil Pride covers. These look great.... Read More

WWWednesday: March 10, 2021

Yes, We Have Some Bananas. Image courtesy of Atlas Obscura


Nghi Vho’s The Empress and Salt and Forture won the IAFA’s Crawford Award.

C.J. Cherryh won the 2021 Heinlein Award.

Writers, Writing, Reading, Books:

Crime Reads looks at the fine art of dopplegangers and imposters.

In consultation with the publisher, the estate of Dr Seuss dec... Read More

WWWednesday: February 24, 2021

Thylacine image courtesy of Discovery Magazine

Writers, Writing, Reading, Books:

Marvel’s elite artist team created the Fine Arts covers for the final issues of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s run of Black Panther. Click through to see the mouth-watering covers themselves.

Wired provides a collection of interesting quotes from David Gerrold about worldbuilding and life on other planets.
Tonight, SymphonySpace is offering a live online event discussing the works of Oc... Read More

WWWednesday: February 17, 2021

James Herman Banning

James Herman Banning was a Black American aviator, part of the Bessie Coleman Aero Club in Los Angeles, and the first black pilot to fly across the continental United States. 


Waukegan Public Library’s Ray Bradbury Writing Contest announced its winner: Orton Ortwein. Waukegan is Bradbury’s birthplace.

Writers, Writing, Reading, Books:

Scott Edelman offers hors-d’oeuvres with Mary Robinette Kowal in this episode ... Read More

WWWednesday: February 10, 2021

Matiline Berryman had degrees in mathematics, law and maritime affairs with a concentration in oceanography and sonar engineering. She taught courses on oceanic dynamics and underwater sound at the New Naval Oceanographic Office. Later, she taught at the University of District of Columbia and later served as Chair of the university’s Department of Environmental Services. 

Writers, Writing, Reading, Books:

Is this article on POV helpful?

I like this take on world-building, but of course I would because it’s how I introdu... Read More

WWWednesday: February 3, 2021

Alice Ball developed the first effective treatment for Hansen's Disease.


The Infected by Art winners are announced. Some very nice stuff here! (Thanks to File770.)

Writers, Reading, Writing, Books:

Read Bill Capposere’s personal essay on the judgments we make, and the things we don’t know.

Paul Weimer, known as Prince Jvstin on Twitter, had his account deleted last week, ... Read More