WWednesday; May 10,2017

Poster for 2017's Forum Fantastico in Lisbon, Portugal. Thanks to File770

Poster for 2017’s Forum Fantastico in Lisbon, Portugal. Thanks to File770

This week’s word for Wednesday, courtesy once again of Haggard Hawks, aganippe (noun) is a source of inspiration or power.


Colson Whitehead’s brilliant novel The Underground Railroad won him the Pulitzer Prize. You can reread Bill’s  5-star review here.

Books and Writing:

Robert Jackson Bennett discusses completing his brilliant trilogy THE DIVINE CITIES.

Blake Crouch answered a couple of questions for Penguin Random House at ComicCon this year.

Fireside Fiction has a story that plays with classic European folklore. I’m just going to link to it. Enjoy.

Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom: this book from Tor looks super-fun. Check out the artwork and read that Table of Contents. Paging Sandy Ferber! This looks like one for you.

Sherwood Smith muses about collaboration, using Serial Box’s Tremontaine as an example.

TV and Movies: 

Jeff Goldblum will join the cast for Jurassic World 2.

Here is the official trailer for Dark Tower, starring Idris Elba as Roland Deschain.

Polygon reviews Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant.

The second episode of Starz’s American Gods introduces Anansi, who, here in America, goes by Mr. Nancy. Orlando Jones plays the trickster spider-god and in this video he talks about how he got the role and his first introduction to Anansi.


Is Silicon Valley a force for societal good?

Paint Mines Interpretive Park, Cahlan, Colorado

Paint Mines Interpretive Park, Cahlan, Colorado


The Video Game Hall of Fame honored four new inductees:  Thanks to File 770.

Black Gate reviews Defenders of the Realm.


This dog rescues cats. Proof that we can make changes in the world.

Here is an article about the internet archive building in San Francisco (which also maintains the Wayback Machine).

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