Wintertide: Highly entertaining series

Michael J. Sullivan The Riyria Revelations 5. Wintertidefantasy novel reviews Michael J. Sullivan WintertideWintertide by Michael J. Sullivan

Wintertideis the fifth book in Michael J. Sullivan’s Riyria Revelations. This fast-paced, highly entertaining series continues to chronicle the adventures and trials of Royce and Hadrian, our dynamic heroes.

Wintertide is truly a culmination. Many of the storylines that we have been following are drawing to a sort of nexus. In the city of Aquesta the new Emperor is to be crowned after marrying the heir to the throne, Modina (Thrace), while several rebels, Degan Gaunt and Arista, are executed. It’s a veritable powder keg of problems and opportunities for the likes of Hadrian and Royce.

Here is what makes Wintertide so good: The pace of the book is very even, but very quick. Sullivan doesn’t gloss over details, but he doesn’t spend pages going over things that are not meaningful to the story. He moves back and forth between characters to show the passage of time instead of trying to keep time with one character. As readers we are not privy to everything that is happening, but only to those events that really matter. It makes the story move right along.

As always, the character of Royce is compelling to me. Over the last four books, Sullivan has shown us his history and what has shaped him. In Wintertide, Royce continues to evolve as he is torn between different loyalties. For a man who has survived by avoiding ties to anyone or anything, this is very interesting to read about.

Michael Sullivan has done a wonderful job with Wintertide. The balance between action, excitement, character development and story leads to a page-turner that is over much too quickly. This is not a book to try and read as an intro to the series; it ties back to previous storylines a great deal. That’s not a problem, just an observation for readers who have not read everything up to this point. I really liked Wintertide, and Sullivan has gotten me back on the bandwagon!

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  1. Oh, I have loved this series from the starts. I really enjoy the tieing thread through the series thus far. I really was surprised with each book that the thread was always there and each book got better and better. :)

  2. This sounds like a great series!

  3. It is a good series. I enjoyed the last book more than I expected. It’s nice when a series stays strong.

  4. What I like about it is its pretty-much just straight-forward story,, not over complex, but not too simple either. Like YA fun for grown-ups.

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