Well of Darkness: Should have left it in the bargain bin

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I bought Well of Darkness in hardcover years ago in the bargain bin. I should have left it there. I have tried starting it three or four times, and I, for the life of me, cannot get past the second chapter. It is totally boring and un-engaging, and I instantly disliked the characters I was reading about. Therefore, I really can’t say much more about the book. I rarely get so turned off so early in a book, and Weis and Hickman have written some pretty entertaining stuff (Dragonlance), if not high literature. I loved Dragonlance back in the 1980’s when it came out, but I couldn’t stand this thing.

So, my view is, don’t read Well of Darkness. Mine is finally going to the second hand bookstore this week. I won’t try to read it again.

ANGUS BICKERTON practises law in a small town in Eastern Ontario. He lives with his wife, their two youngest children, and their black lab in a 160 year-old stone home, which also holds his law office. He has become, through inadvertence bordering on negligence, an expert in money-pit properties, and in do-it-yourself repair and construction. He has always dreamed of writing novels, but so far he has only self-published a play about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ entitled The Gate.

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  1. Read one Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman once. Borrowed from the library. Just wanted to try it because the cover art was good. Glad I read it though because now I know never to buy or waste my money on a Margaret Weis/Tracy Hickman :)

  2. I’d be careful not to count out all their stuff. I’ve not read them yet, but I’ve heard really good things about their dark sword series.

  3. I agree with Justin. I devoured voraciously the Dragonlance series back in the 1980’s (the first two trilogies, before it was spun out to other authors). The Darksword trilogy was interesting, and their big series (the name of which eludes me at the moment, but it was seven books long) had some really interesting ideas that gave me the impression they were on the verge of a new kind of fantasy. However, that potential was never fulfilled. They also did a desert/Arabian nights thing called the Rose of the Prophet that I never read.

    Their best stuff is a lot of fun, so don’t dismiss them entirely. Well of Darkness was, however, the nadir of my experience with Weis and Hickman.

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