Urban Shaman: A nice read

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In Urban Shaman, the first installment of The Walker Papers, C.E. Murphy creates a character who’s rather similar to a number of other urban fantasy heroines, but makes her someone worth reading about.

Joanne Walker has a background with the supernatural but has rejected its influences in her life. But now she is being forcibly drawn back into the world of faerie and magic.

Urban Shaman was interesting enough to keep me turning pages. The characters were well-written and I appreciated that C.E. Murphy was able to tease us with a bit of romantic interest without moving the story completely into paranormal romance.

Urban Shaman was a nice read.

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  1. I just finished this one and reviewed it at GR. I had a pretty hard time suspending disbelief a few times.

    Kind of a SPOILER:

    The view from the plane there at the beginning? Seriously? I almost put the book down over that.

    There were parts of this book that were 4 stars and I loved the characters. But there were parts that went on and on about “converting” and believing. Look if a guy shows up on a horse and stabs you, I’m finding it hard to believe anyone WOULDN’T believe. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive so just go crazy and stop talking about it. Get on with the job.

    I also found the “astral plane” scenes…I dunno. I enjoyed the Seattle ones more. I’m not into gods much. They’re too all-powerful and boring. Murphy did a good job making them interesting and almost human enough for me to care, but…probably not enough to continue the series. I just don’t like the whole gods thing. I said that already. Sorry.

    It’s a shame too. I’ll definitely look for other series because what kept me reading was the characters. Loved Gary and Morrison. Loved the main protag other than a bit too much introspection.

    Decent read. I think I gave it 3 stars. But it was one of those books where sometimes it was a 2 and sometimes a 4.

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