The Emerald Storm: Fighting makes up for shaky drama

Michael J. Sullivan The Riyria Revelations 4. The Emerald Stormfantasy novel reviews Michael J. Sullivan The Emerald StormThe Emerald Storm by Michael J. Sullivan

The Emerald Storm is the fourth installment by Michael J. Sullivan in the Riyria Revelations series. Chronicling the high seas exploits of Royce Melborn and Hadrian Blackwater, The Emerald Storm continues where Nyphron Rising left off and our heroes return in order to save civilization. Again.

The further revelations about the history and motivations of both Blackwater and Melborn are highlights of The Emerald Storm. These are great characters, so time spent developing their history is worthwhile. Princess Arista, the Empress, and her secretary receive their own storylines as well. However, I just didn’t feel that interested in what was happening with them this time around. I knew that Sullivan needed them to tell the story, but I just wanted to skip ahead to the main characters.

Still, Sullivan keeps the plot moving: bad people get away with being clever and devious, good people are killed, and there is enough fighting and adventure to make up for shaky attempts at drama and intrigue. I guess that I expected some swashbuckling adventure and The Emerald Storm didn’t have as much I wished for.

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  1. Ayal Hurst /

    I am trying to find a copy of The Emerald Storm and Wintertide for a reasonable price….I have never before seen a paperback go for $100+….that seems crazy to me….if anyone has one they want to share, it’s the only way I’ll get to finish the series….

    Warm regards,

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