The Bishop’s Heir: Splendid

Katherine Kurtz Deryni The Histories of King Kelson: The Bishop's   Heir, The King's Justice, Quest for Saint Camberbook  review Katherine Kurtz The Bishop's HeirThe Bishop’s Heir by Katherine Kurtz

It’s hard to think of an author who has done a better job than Katherine Kurtz of creating a world that is as meticulously researched, historically accurate, and heartbreakingly tragic. The Bishop’s Heir is splendid as it depicts the reign of a young King, newly come to power, and his struggles to become who he wishes to be and not what others would have him be.

Kurtz writes with such expertise in depicting the world and conditions that the characters live in, that you feel like you are truly there. It’s gritty and dark and entirely realistic. The characters are flawed, but that is the beauty of the craftsmanship because they are all the better for being something other than the infallible heroes that so often bedeck epic fantasy.

Kurtz’s depiction of the role of Church, politics, and intrigue are perfectly intertwined. The very title of this book is controversial enough to pique the interest of any student of human history. I really enjoyed that Kurtz so closely emulates what really happened, but still blends in the fantastic and sets it some place other than our world.

Prepare to be entertained and educated by The Bishop’s Heir. This is what we all hope to read and so seldom find.

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