Outlander: So much more than a romance novel

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It’s 1945 and the war has ended. Claire Randall and her husband Frank are taking a second honeymoon in the highlands of Scotland after eight years of separation. One day, while Frank is absorbed in his research of his family history, former nurse Claire takes a walk to a small ancient rock formation to gather some plants for her collection. Suddenly and mysteriously she is hurtled back through time to the year 1743.

Alone and confused, Claire stumbles across a band of Scottish Highlanders and lies her way into their good graces. Within the group is Jamie Fraser, a charming and handsome warrior whom Claire finds herself drawn to. But what of Frank back in her own time? How will she get back? Does she even want to?

It has been a painfully long time since I have read a book as good as Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. I admit that the synopsis is cheesy, laughable even. Girl goes back in time? Come on, give me a break. Outlander however, is anything but cheesy.

It is so hard to describe how wonderful Outlander was. I had so many “moments” throughout the entire (very lengthy) book. There were moments of sheer terror, joy, excitement, sadness, and even… dare I write it in a review?… a few moments that really turned me on.

Gabaldon’s characters are so real. Her characters were so relatable and so wonderfully physical and emotionally deep that I sometimes had to remind myself that they were fictional. Claire is so torn emotionally that I can feel her pain and her torment as she tries to decide what to do with her predicament, and Jamie… it must be said: what a hunk! OMG. I have not been this into a romance novel since Plains of Passage came out several years ago.

But Outlander is not just a romance novel — it’s adventure, fantasy, historical fiction, and so much more. (However, I should say that it’s most likely to appeal to women.)

But… oh my goodness ladies: I’ve been done with Outlander for quite some time now and even glancing at the book on my shelf makes me fan my face. It was that good. I can’t WAIT to get my grubby little hands on Dragonfly in Amber… If it has Jamie in it… whew! Can you see me fanning myself? I am.

Julie Waineo, one of our earliest guest reviewers, earned an MBA at Bowling Green State University. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with a minor in French. Now living in Virginia with her husband and dog, Julie is an avid reader of not only fantasy, but historical fiction, the occasional “chick lit,” and children’s literature.

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  1. I have this on audio and keep meaning to read it. I’ll move it up in my list. Thanks, Julie!


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