Nyphron Rising: Straight-up action/adventure done fantasy style

Nyphron Risingfantasy novel reviews Michael J. Sullivan Nyphron RisingNyphron Rising by Michael Sullivan

Now that the Imperialists have a puppet for their throne, the war for conquest has begun. Knowing that Melengar cannot stand against the Imperialists’ might, Princess Arista employs Royce and Hadrian to escort her on a self-imposed mission. While working for the princess, Royce has his own agenda: to secretly investigate Hadrian’s past to determine if what the wizard Esrahaddon has told him about his friend is true. This secret has the potential to topple the powers of Elan.

Nyphron Rising, the third book in The Riyria Revelations, is another consistently entertaining installment. Some interesting new characters are introduced that add a little more depth to a story that’s been, up to this point, a comparatively light read.

As enjoyable as epic fantasy can be, many times the sheer fun of it all gets lost in complexity. Enter Michael J. Sullivan and his Riyria Revelations. This series is a straight-up action/adventure done fantasy style, and “there ain’t a darn thing wrong with that.”

Mr. Sullivan brings back a type of story that’s had very little presence in this genre in the last twenty years or more. I, for one, wish him much success and hope his career is a long one. Making swashbuckling tales popular again creates more excellent choices for fantasy readers.

~Greg Hersom

fantasy book reviews Michael J. Sullivan Riyria Revelations 3. Nyphron RisingMichael J. Sullivan’s Riyria Revelations is really growing on me. For someone who enjoys the complex, highly detailed fantasy of Erikson and Wurts, this is something much simpler, but equally satisfying.

Nyphron Rising follows Avempartha, but it’s not really a direct sequel — if you haven’t read book 2, you won’t have any problem jumping straight back into the adventures of Royce and Hadrian. This time they’ve been hired by Princess Arista of Melengar to meet with another group who are rebelling against a newly re-arisen Empire.

Royce and Hadrian are the central characters but Sullivan spends nearly as much time focusing on Arista and another storyline. I understand why he did that, but I would prefer to spend more time with Royce and Hadrian because they are most fun!

Nyphron Rising is a great story — a fun plot with new characters and plenty of action! Sullivan’s writing style is easy to follow and the story is complex enough to be exciting, but not so complex that you have to keep backtracking to remember who’s who and what happened when.

The Riyria Revelations is a very welcome change of pace and is worth setting on your bookshelf as something to read when the heavy-hitters (e.g., Wurts, Erikson, and Martin) have left you needing a breather!

~John Hulet

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  1. I’ve seen these books mentioned a lot and have considered checking them out for a while now. So many books, so little time…

  2. I’ve read Crown Conspiracy -working on the review now- and started Avemparth a few days ago. I love ’em.

  3. I have read all three of these books. I really enjoyed them. Stefan, I think you should give them a whirl. You just may really like them. I love how the stories are complete in themselves, but their is an underlining thread that connects them all together and tells a story in itself. You don’t need to read them in order, but I would really suggest it as you get to know the characters better that way along with the intertwinning thread.

    Hop you get to try them and enjoy them.

  4. man I really need to read these. The author and his wife are active on goodreads, and they are both so nice. I need to pick these up, I’ve never heard a bad thing about these books.

  5. I am glad to see you enjoyed this read. I have been really loving this series. I love how it is a great read I find easy for me to get into and understand. I love the fantasy feel, with the action and adventure included. This has been one of my greatest highlights this year, and last year. :)


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