King’s Property: A little bit too much luck

Morgan Howell Queen of the Orcs: 1. King's Property 2. Clan   Daughter 3. Royal Destinybook  review Morgan Howell Queen of the Orcs: King's PropertyKing’s Property by Morgan Howell

King’s Property is the first book in the Queen of the Orcs series, and Morgan Howell’s first novel. For a story in which the author does such a good job of depicting the harsh realities of the setting, he sure lets the main character, Dar, skate out of bad situation after bad situation to a point where it’s just a bit too much. The explanations for each magic escape work, but it needs to change to a point where Dar takes fewer risks, or she gets in hot water by having her gambles miss now and then.

Now, I will give the author a ton of credit. King’s Property is just chock full of realism and harsh stuff. Dar comes from a horrible abusive background and when conscripted/sold into the army, it truly seems like things can’t get worse. Finding unlikely allies in Orcs and her ability to avoid the many pitfalls and almost unavoidable problems of being a woman in a depraved, male dominated environment make this story what it is.

I think that this series is going to be worth reading because there is a lot that is yet to develop. I am excited to see how Dar grows into her role as an Orc Mother. I also really like the fact that Morgan Howell gave us a male character who was not a rapist/child molestor. I was beginning to think that there was an agenda that included painting men as all being the same (I found out later that Morgan Howell is a man!).

Good book, interesting characters… now let’s see if it keeps going.

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