Charmed and Dangerous: Horrid

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsfantasy book reviews Charmed and Dangerous Candace HavensCharmed and Dangerous by Candace Havens

Bronwyn’s job is not exactly conventional. She’s a witch who not only fights off warlocks, demons, and evil zombies, but gets paid to do it. She protects the Prime Minister and is his personal body guard. She also murders, plots, and shoots fire from her hands while blowing up cars in the process. Bronwyn is not a witch to be reckoned with, although being a magical body guard does tend to get in the way of having anything that resembles a normal love life.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsI made it to exactly page 35 of this book. Even then I had to resist the urge to throw it across the room, light fire to it, and put the ashes in the blender with a little bit of water, pour it down the drain and hit the garbage disposal. It was THAT bad.

The entire book is writen in diary format. Every chapter has an entry as if the thing that Bronwyn is talking about has already happened. Thus, there is absolutely no suspense and all that Bronwyn does is whine about her lack of a lovelife. Charmed and Dangerous should be a kid’s book — there is no complexity or subtlety. It reminded me of a RAMONA book from my childhood — except for the incessant cussing, references to sex, and constant reminders of how horny Bronwyn is.

I cannot possibly express how horrid Charmed and Dangerous is. Bad writing, foul language, and ridiculously simple plotline.

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsJulie Waineo, one of our earliest guest reviewers, earned an MBA at Bowling Green State University. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with a minor in French. Now living in Virginia with her husband and dog, Julie is an avid reader of not only fantasy, but historical fiction, the occasional “chick lit,” and children’s literature.

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