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fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsfantasy book review Yasmine Galenorn Sisters of the Moon 7. Bone MagicBone Magic by Yasmine Galenorn

Bone Magic is the seventh book in Yasmine Galenorn‘s Otherworld (Sisters of the Moon) series. A self-described paranormal romance, Bone Magic continues to follow the adventures of the D’Artigo sisters as they fight the impending invasion of the normal world by the Underworld Demons. The sisters are part-Fae and have special powers that may enable them to save the world.

Galenorn knows her way around the paranormal romance genre and with her seventh Otherworld novel, she is clearly hitting her stride. Camille, the protagonist of Bone Magic, is a pretty classic example of the paranormal heroine, except without the self-esteem issues (she knows that she’s powerful and really good-looking) and without the conventional hang-ups. Galenorn writes with an almost brazen disregard for the moral dilemmas that weigh down a lot of paranormal female characters, and it’s refreshing. Camille and her sisters are not encumbered by any sexual or political ideology. They are loyal to friends and willing to right perceived wrongs, but having one, two, or three different lovers at the same time is simply accepted.

The story is interesting. Camille and her posse of lovers/husbands have a number of problems to deal with, including a new demon general, a summons to Otherworld, and a difficult choice that Camille’s dragon lover Smoky must make. Camille faces challenges both large and small, and some of them have really awful consequences. The fight scenes are fun, and Galenorn doesn’t let her cast breeze through them unscathed. That, too, sets the Otherworld series apart from some others in the subgenre. Galenorn has a talent for plotting.

That said, if you’re an urban fantasy fan, don’t get your hopes up. Camille spends much of the book worrying about relationship issues; this and other common romance themes place Bone Magic squarely in the paranormal romance category. Just don’t expect it to be something it’s not, and you’ll find a pleasant romp through a well-built world, with plenty of steamy sex scenes. Bone Magic is a very good paranormal romance, but less satisfactory as an urban fantasy.

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  1. I had seen this book at the store and thought it sounded good. When I looked at it I realized book 7 of series, so I didn’t get it as I like to read the books in order. I just read a short story of Yasmines in Inked. I enjoyed the world she has created, and enjoyed the story, enough to think about reading the series. But I am not a big romance person either. I have not made up my mind on whether to read these or not yet. Thanks for the review on the book. I am going to keep this series in mind.

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