Thoughtful Thursday: Rename this horrible cover!

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Time for another “Rename This Horrible Cover” contest!

Please help us rename this atrocious-looking science fiction novel by Michael Moorcock.

(We love Moorcock’s Eternal Champion stories but, sadly, this is the second Moorcock cover we’ve been forced to feature in this column).

The creator of the title we like best wins a book from our stacks

Got a suggestion for a horrible cover that needs renaming? Please send it to Kat.

We love this game!

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KELLY LASITER, with us since July 2008, is a mild-mannered academic administrative assistant by day, but at night she rules over a private empire of tottering bookshelves. Kelly is most fond of fantasy set in a historical setting (a la Jo Graham) or in a setting that echoes a real historical period (a la George RR Martin and Jacqueline Carey). She also enjoys urban fantasy and its close cousin, paranormal romance, though she believes these subgenres’ recent burst in popularity has resulted in an excess of dreck. She is a sucker for pretty prose (she majored in English, after all) and mythological themes.

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  1. April /

    What the…what?? Good grief. What were they smoking when they made this one?

    Ok, first attempt:
    Basketball Variations, Teen Boy Edition

  2. Brandon /

    “Agony of Perception”

    …because looking at this hurts my eyes.

  3. Wow…that’s a truly horrible cover.

    Here’s mine:
    The Delusion of an Eternal Narcissist

  4. When Makeovers Go Wrong?

  5. More an observation than a title; the 1960s *were* as weird as I remember them.

  6. Jonathan Zev /

    Seriously, the only one on that cover who looks like they might possibly be having a good time is the lady trying to pour wine (I assume) into the mouth of the terrified/astonished/trapped warrior guy. He looks like he’s much rather be somewhere else, and the birds that make up his chair don’t look that far behind him.

  7. Sandy Giden /

    LSD Visions

  8. Melanie Goldmund /

    Where Rainbow Poop Really Comes From

  9. Kevin S. /

    Blind Dates for Dummies

  10. When a cover is so bad your mind blanks… The only thing I could come up with was:

    Ifreeti Love Affair

    It’s terrible, but so is the cover.

  11. Melanie Goldmund /

    What A Sight to See: Confessions of a One-Legged, Two-Birded, Flame-Haired People-Eater.

  12. God of Confusion

  13. John Smith /

    “Fun With Donald and Ivanka.”

  14. R.J. Crowther Jr. /

    Kali-Man and the Babes of Doom!

  15. Melanie G, if you live in the USA, you win a book of your choice from our stacks.
    Please contact me (Marion) with your choice and a US address. Happy reading!

    By the way, everyone, like every Giveaway, we use random selection. It would be impossible for me to choose the “best” because they were all so funny!

  16. Melanie Goldmund /

    Yay! Thank you! :-)

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