Thoughtful Thursday: Rename This Horrible Cover

It’s been nearly a year since we played “Rename This Horrible Cover.” Far too long!

Please help us rename this atrocious-looking science fiction novel by Catherine Asaro. Wow. It’s really bad… Well, at least the cover is… We haven’t worked up the nerve to actually read the book yet.

The creator of the title we like best wins a book from our stacks. (Sorry, we don’t have Diamond Star.)

Got a suggestion for a horrible cover that needs renaming? Please send it to Kat.

We love this game!


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KELLY LASITER, with us since July 2008, is a mild-mannered academic administrative assistant by day, but at night she rules over a private empire of tottering bookshelves. Kelly is most fond of fantasy set in a historical setting (a la Jo Graham) or in a setting that echoes a real historical period (a la George RR Martin and Jacqueline Carey). She also enjoys urban fantasy and its close cousin, paranormal romance, though she believes these subgenres’ recent burst in popularity has resulted in an excess of dreck. She is a sucker for pretty prose (she majored in English, after all) and mythological themes.

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  1. Gary Glitter in the Space Habitat! Or: Glam Rockin’ The Belt!

    • Melanie Goldmund /

      Sorry, but this comment inspired me to this spoonerism:

      “Maybe I’m as super as they ar-r-r-re! Thank you, thank you, I am Friggin’ Hawkeye, and if you know me from Earth — I mean, Midgard — you might be wondering why I’m suddenly in this sad little body on this sad little space station. Well, when Loki decided to try to take over our world and enthralled me with that Infinity Gem in his sceptre, he asked me what else he could do to secure his place as our king, our supreme ruler, our beloved leader, or whatever he was going to call himself. I found a picture of us Avengers and pointed to the big guy in the middle and said, “Marry Banner, Lo.”

  2. Melanie Goldmund /

    “…But You Can Call Me Neil.”

  3. M. Robinson /

    Diamond Star: The Fifth Siren

  4. Arcanist Lupus /

    Space Opera

  5. Melanie Goldmund /

    I was singing the Alphabet Songs of Love, but I forgot what the next letter was after I got to U.

  6. Nicholas Talty /

    The Galactic Strife of Napoleon Dynamite

  7. Cosmic Rock or Galaxy Ablaze or Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover: It Rocks Within.

  8. Aaron Harmon /

    Giant Disco Space Monster from Planet Funk.

  9. Space dancing with the Diamond Star

  10. RedEyedGhost /

    No Talent, Famous, Grammy-Winning, Ass Clown – In Space!

  11. Melanie Goldmund /

    In Space, No One Can Hear You Sing — So Go For It.

  12. David Benavides /

    Celestial Song and the shirt so loud it was heard across the universe.

  13. M. Robinson /

    Impressive bio. ->[o.O]<-

  14. Robert H. Heinlein Sings his Hugo Winners

    What Happened to Richard Dreyfuss’ Character After Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    Luke Skywalker: The Lost Years

    Tom Swift and His Electric Light Orchestra

    The Love Song of J. Alfred 3rd Rock

  15. Kozmik BluesI got dem 'ol' Cosmic Blues again, mama...
  16. Ed Rybicki, if you live in the USA, you win a book of your choice from our stacks.
    Please contact me (Marion) with your choice and a US address. Happy reading!

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