Thoughtful Thursday: Conventions, anyone?

The 33rd International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts

Our own Terry Weyna is at this very moment attending the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts in Orlando Florida. The theme is “The Monstrous Fantastic” and guests of honor include China Miéville, Kelly Link, Jeffrey J. Cohen, and Brian Aldiss. Terry is presenting a paper called Fantastic Romantics: Romantics as Characters in Fantastic Fiction: Edgar Allan Poe. She’ll also be chairing a panel called Monsters and Superheroes. We look forward to hearing from Terry about her time at the IAFA conference.

Do you attend conferences or conventions related to the arts? Is there a local SFF convention in your area? Tell us about it. We’ll pick one commenter to choose a book from the stacks.

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JUSTIN BLAZIER (on FanLit's staff September 2009 – September 2012) Like many fantasy enthusiasts, Justin cut his teeth on Tolkien. Due to lack of space, his small public library would often give him their donated SFF books. Justin lives in a small home near the river with his wife, their baby daughter, and Norman, a mildly smelly dog. He doesn't have much time for reviewing anymore, but he still shows up here occasionally to let us know how he feels about stuff.

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  1. I go to two conventions in St. Louis every year: a big general SFF one (Archon) and a smaller one which is more like a party, though there are some SFF elements to it. And several years ago, I went to two conferences specifically about Harry Potter: Phoenix Rising and Terminus. I was on a panel at one of those, though I’m drawing a blank on what it was about. D’oh!

  2. In July in my city (Jacksonville FL) we have a convention called Ancient City Con (we’re just north of St. Augustine which is why it’s called “Ancient City”).

    The convention is for “SF, Fantasy, Horror, Gaming, Anime). Last year I did a panel for authors about promoting themselves through blogs. This was chaired by John Ottinger (Grasping for the Wind) and included Tia Nevitt (Debuts & Reviews) and Charlie Allden (Smart Girls Love SciFi).

  3. SandyG265 /

    My brother and I went to a Horror convention in Seacaucus, NJ a few times. I was surprised how many people showed up for it. We stopped going because the hotel they held it in was so crowded that you had to wait in line to get into each exhibition room. Although we did get to meet Lou Ferrigno and Sara Karloff.

  4. joe57 /

    I went to OddCon in Madison, WI last year with my brother. Pretty interesting experience, much cooler than I thought to hear an author read their work. Some of the speakers were hilarious too.

  5. I’ve never gone to a con, but always been interested in going to one. There’s Horror Con starting next week in Salt Lake City, anyone going?

  6. Oh, JJ, I wish I were going to the World Horror convention in Salt Lake City! Do let us know how it goes, won’t you?

  7. Melanie Goldmund /

    I wish there were a sci fi con in my area! Alas …

    But I’d love to go to Life the Universe and Everything in Utah one day.
    *wistful sigh*

  8. Bit late this work. Apologies.

    JJ, if you live in the USA, you win a book of your choice from our stacks. Please contact me (Tim) with your choice and a US address

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