Thoughtful Thursday: Best book you read in August 2012

Time to report!Readers' Favorite Books

What is the best book you read in August 2012 and why did you love it? It doesn’t have to be a newly published book, or even SFF. We just want to share some great reading material. Feel free to post a full review of the book here, or a link to the review on your blog, or just write a few sentences about why you thought it was awesome.

(And don’t forget that we always have plenty more reading recommendations on our Fanlit Faves page and our 5-Star SFF page.)

As always, one commenter will choose a book from our stacks.

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JUSTIN BLAZIER (on FanLit's staff September 2009 – September 2012) Like many fantasy enthusiasts, Justin cut his teeth on Tolkien. Due to lack of space, his small public library would often give him their donated SFF books. Justin lives in a small home near the river with his wife, their baby daughter, and Norman, a mildly smelly dog. He doesn't have much time for reviewing anymore, but he still shows up here occasionally to let us know how he feels about stuff.

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  1. King of Thorns. Very well done and gave more insight to Jorg.

  2. Stained Glass Monsters by Andrea Host — and it’s fantasy. Good stuff. Two female protags, one young enough that the book could easily appeal to YA readers.

    Full review:

  3. sandyg265 /

    I finally had a chance to read Kitty Steals the Show by Carrie Vaughn in August. It wasn’t my favorite of the series but I still enjoyed it.

  4. I think I’m going to go with Amber House by Kelly Moore et al. I gobbled it up like it was chocolate. I’ll have a review around the release date at the beginning of October.

  5. It’d have to be Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban.

  6. Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews. It was a fun book.

  7. I read four books last month that I gave five stars to on GoodReads. They are:
    Tin Swift by Devon Monk – at times a bit gruesome and creepy but excellent American steampunk adventure with a hint of romance.
    Whispers Under Ground by Ben Aaronavich – love the voice of the main character, fun magic and witty police procedural jabber.
    The Mischief of the Mistletoe by Lauren Willig – historical romance with healthy chuckles and giggles all the way through. Good characters, good setting, sweet romance and clean enough for a child.
    Glamour in Glass by Mary Robinette Kowal – I really liked this one much better than the first; less introspective angst and more action as well as more independent thinking by the female lead.

    Sorry, I tend to run on a bit when giving out good book recs.

  8. The best SFF I read in August was Old Man’s War by John Scalzi. It’s been on my to-read pile forever!

    Favorite non SFF was The Bricklayer by Noah Boyd. Very good crime/mystery novel with a great main character.

  9. Kevin B /

    Only read one book in august because I was mostly busy travelling across Europe on a music festival tour (great fun, I recommend it! though travelling 1300km in a single day by car twice in a week is a bit much).

    It is Altered Carbon by Richard K Morgan, and ode to the old school cyberpunk genre, which I really enjoyed.

  10. I am going to go with a title that is only marginally SFF (it has some dystopian/slipstream elements but is primarily lit-fic): The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson. A fascinating look into an imagined, possibly all-too-real version of North Korea, featuring a bizarre appearance by the late Dear Leader himself.

  11. RedEyedGhost /

    It’s a tie between Graham Joyce’s Some Kind of Fairy Tale and Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim. Completely different books, but they’re both fantastic. After Joyce’s very disappointing The Silent Land I was extremely happy to see him back on his game with SKoFT.

  12. The Broken Lands by Kate Milford, followed by Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. My non-fantasy readings were sadly disappointing

  13. Ray Pratt /

    I have to go with Joe Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy, even though I started ‘The Blade Itself in the very end of July. The three books just pulled me through in a matter of less than two weeks (during which time I was also working on two or three other books as well)

  14. RedEyedGhost, if you live in the USA, you win a book of your choice from our stacks. Please contact me (Tim) with your choice and a US address.

  15. An Evil Guest – Gene Wolfe.

    A pulpy thriller by one of the best writers still alive. This is fast-paced and incredibly easy to get into, unlike some of his more complex stuff like Peace. I’m just in awe of how many different writing skills Wolfe possesses.

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