Thoughtful Thursday: Identify the covers Oct-Nov 2011

Okay, we’re trying to get this right. Some of our identify the cover art contests have been too easy, but when we tried to make them harder, they were too hard. So here’s what we’ll try this time: Today’s covers all come from books we reviewed in the last few weeks — since October 1. That will narrow things down drastically and will perhaps induce you to catch up on any recent reviews you’ve missed. Once you identify a book cover, in the comment section list the number of the cover (1-12), the author, and the book title. If you get it correct, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a book of your choice from our teetering stacks.


Please just identify one cover that has not been correctly identified so far. That way, others will have a chance to play. Thanks and Good Luck!

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JUSTIN BLAZIER (on FanLit's staff September 2009 – September 2012) Like many fantasy enthusiasts, Justin cut his teeth on Tolkien. Due to lack of space, his small public library would often give him their donated SFF books. Justin lives in a small home near the river with his wife, their baby daughter, and Norman, a mildly smelly dog. He doesn't have much time for reviewing anymore, but he still shows up here occasionally to let us know how he feels about stuff.

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  1. Pretty sure #1 is The Alloy of law

  2. #11 is by Laini Taylor and is The Daughter of Smoke and Bone

  3. #2 is Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan

  4. #12 is Goliath by Scott Westerfeld

  5. Steel (the Real Steel book) by Richard Matheson.

  6. Um, is #7. Oops!

  7. Melanie Goldmund /

    #5 is Lucy’s Blade, by John Lambshead

  8. I think #8 is The Highest Frontier.

  9. #10 is The House of Silk.

  10. #6 = Blood Blade.

    Fun little scavenger hunt! It took me awhile, but finally!


  11. Sir Read-a-Lot /

    Darn. Someone got to #1 before me.

  12. erysimum /

    #9 is “The Arrival” by Shaun Tan.

  13. #4 is “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Diana Wynne Jones

  14. Shadrach Anki, if you live in the USA, you win a book of your choice from our stacks. Please contact me (Tim) with your choice and a US address.

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