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Carla Speed McNeil

Carla Speed McNeil born in Hammond, Louisiana, is an American sci-fi writer, cartoonist, and illustrator of comics, best known for the science fiction comic book series Finder.

Finder: Volume One by Carla Speed McNeil

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Finder: Volume One by Carla Speed McNeil

Even though your to-read stack of books is overflowing, even though your Amazon wish list is daunting, and even though you are starting to worry about running across another review of a book you’ve just got to read, I’m afraid you’ve found one more not merely to add to the list, but to put on the top of the stack of books—if you can resist the urge to buy the book immediately on Comixology, which isn’t a bad idea since it’s great to read with the guided view technology. The book is Finder by Carla Speed McNeil, and fans of intelligent independent comics have known about Finder... Read More