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Jay Faerber

Jay Faerber was born in Harvey’s Lake, PA — well, not “in” the lake, but in the town surrounding the lake. He broke into comics working on Marvel and DC titles in the late 1990s, working on titles such as GENERATION X, NEW WARRIORS, TITANS, WOLVERINE / IRON FIST, and GREEN LANTERN. He eventually migrated to Image Comics, where he’s written and co-created NOBLE CAUSES, DYNAMO 5, GEMINI, FIREBIRDS, DODGE’S BULLETS, NEAR DEATH, and POINT OF IMPACT. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he works as a freelance writer of comic books and television.

Point of Impact by Jay Faerber

Point of Impact by Jay Faerber (writer) and Koray Kuranel (artist)

Jay Faerber's Point of Impact, though not destined to become a great comic in the canon of graphic storytelling, is a perfect short story told in four issues, which is exactly what he tries to do. Sometimes one is in the mood for a large, sprawling epic, and other times, one just wants to read a poem or short story. You don't need any background information about superheroes, supervillains, or mutants. All you need to do is start reading, and once you see the first dead body, you're hooked, particularly if you are a fan of Law and Order, Harry Bosch novels, or other police procedurals: The spirit of Dragnet and the 87th Precinct lives on.

Jay Faerber came on my radar when I read the first issue of Near Death... Read More