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Nathan Edmondson

Nathan EdmondsonComic book and screenwriter Nathan Edmondson is a native of Augusta, GA. He created OLYMPUS with Christian Ward, THE LIGHT with SURROGATES artist Brett Weldele, and the Eisner Nominated WHO IS JAKE ELLIS? with artist Tonci Zonjic as well as its follow up WHERE IS JAKE ELLIS?. He currently pens the ongoing series THE ACTIVITY with artist Mitch Gerads and was the writer for the DC Comics “New 52″ title GRIFTER and Marvel Comics’ ULTIMATE IRON MAN. Edmondson is also the writer on Ubisoft’s SPLINTER CELL: ECHOES graphic novel. NPR has listed his recent work among the “Top 6 Comics to Draw You In” and USA Today and CNN are among those who have listed his work in their respective Top 10 lists. Nathan signs his work nationwide and speaks to universities, high schools and writing groups about the craft of writing, about politics, the military and a wide range of other topics featured in his work.

Olympus by Nathan Edmondson

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Olympus by Nathan Edmondson (writer) and Christian Ward (artist)

I am starting to be very impressed with this writer whose books I've just started reading. Nathan Edmondson caught my eye first with Who Is Jake Ellis?, for which I wrote a positive review earlier this year. But today — May 15th, 2013, the day I'm writing this review — marks the release of a 50+ page first issue of a new limited series: Dream Merchant. I read it today and was absolutely blown away by both the writing and the art. It’s a six-issue story, so I should be writing a review of it before the end of the year. That issue made me want to pick up his earlier four-issue graphic novel* Olympus. I'm glad I did. I just finished reading it in one sitting, and I'm sure I'll be rereading it again soon. It is ... Read More

Who is Jake Ellis? by Nathan Edmondson

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Who is Jake Ellis? by Nathan Edmondson (writer) and Tonci Zonjic (artist)

Who is Jake Ellis? is an excellent thriller that defied my expectations for the wonderful reason that I had so much trouble figuring out what my expectations should be in the first place. In other words, the story is so unique, I couldn't see it fitting easily into any specific template. At first glance, it's merely a thriller of the James Bond variety, but the James Bond character doesn't actually seem to have any real skills of his own or seem to have any mission to accomplish other than not getting killed. Part of me wonders if the author is making a comment on the absurdity of life in general and our lack of preparation for it.

The main character is Jon Moore, a CIA analyst who has not been trained for the field, ... Read More