FanLit Asks: October 23, 2012

Some of your favorite authors take some time to answer our questions:

Got any news to share?

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsMorgan Keyes (Mindy Klasky)Darkbeast hit stores on August 28 — it’s a traditional middle grade fantasy novel about a girl who has to choose between saving her best friend (a raven) and following the religious expectations of her people. I’ll be making a number of personal appearances (check out my website — and I am always happy to make school visits (in person, if close enough, or by Skype.)

Michael J. Sullivan The Riyria Revelations 1. The Crown Conspiracy 2. Avempartha 3. Nyphron Rising
Michael J. Sullivan: I’m pleased to announce that I’ll have a new series coming out from Orbit called THE RIYRIA CHRONICLES. These will be prequels that explore how Royce and Hadrian first met and explore their early escapades. The first book, The Crown Tower is being released August 2013, and the second, The Rose and the Thorn will come out the following month.

What are you working on these days?

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsSarah Beth Durst: Currently, I am working on an YA novel called Sweet Nothings.  It’s coming out from Bloomsbury/Walker in fall 2013, and it’s about a girl in the paranormal witness protection program, who, haunted by dreams of carnival tents and tarot cards, must remember her past and why she has strange abilities before a magic-wielding serial killer hunts her down. I’ve already given myself several nightmares while writing it, which is good. (I always take it as a good sign when the world of your words invades the world of your dreams. Vice versa is also cool.)fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

Gail Carriger: Right now I’m working on Prudence, the first PARASOL PROTECTORATE ABROAD book. I just handed in Curtsies & Conspiracies the second in my new Young Adult FINISHING SCHOOL series. Etiquette & Espionage, the first in that series, comes out February 5, 2013.

Read any good books lately?

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsStephen Deas: I’ve just started an ARC of Peter Higgins’ Wolfhound Century and I’m pretty damn hooked already. Adam Nevill’s The Ritual just won the BSFA best novel (horror) award and thoroughly enjoyed that when I read it a few months back too.

William Gibson 1. Neuromancer 2. Count Zero 3. Mona Lisa Overdrive

Steven R. Boyett: For some reason I’ve been on a William Gibson binge. I’ve been re-reading his novels in order because I’m curious to see how the world has grown into his vision and how it hasn’t. In no way do I hold Gibson accountable for this — it’s not his job to be a prognosticator. I think he did a pretty amazing job depicting a world forever altered by the digital revolution, and in some ways I wonder if we look this much like his vision in part because he provided us with a decent template for what we are becoming. It’s interesting to me that he sets his novels closer to the present as time goes on. I think it’s simply because the world has in fact become such a Gibson novel that change and cultural assimilation of technology now occur so rapidly that it’s nearly impossible to imagine twenty years from now. To write a truly contemporary novel is to write a science fiction novel. It’s a bit of a problem for the genre as a whole, I think. For similar reasons I’m also re-reading Alvin Toffler’s groundbreaking 1970 culture speculation Future Shockbecause I’m interested in the way the future looked back then. I don’t think I could overstate the irony of hearing someone complain, “Where’s my hovercar?” while talking on a smartphone.

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