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We recently asked some of your favorite speculative fiction authors to share some news (recent publications, honors, book signings, personal accomplishments, etc.) with us. Here’s what they had to say:fantasy and science fiction book reviews

Rachel Aaron: 2012 has been a really exciting year for me! In February, Orbit released an omnibus edition of my first three books with some really fantastic new cover art, and in June, the long awaited fourth ELI MOONPRESS book, The Spirit War comes out! The series will end with the fifth and final book, Spirit’s End, which comes out in November 2012 (and has an amazing cover).

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsDanielle Ackley-McPhail: I’m happy to announce that after over a decade since the original publication of Yesterday’s Dreams (Book 1 in the ETERNAL CYCLE Series) Dark Quest Books is re-releasing Yesterday’s Dreams and Tomorrow’s Memories (Book 2) leading up to the release of the never-before-published Today’s Promise, the final book in the trilogy. The ETERNAL CYCLE series follows Kara O’Keefe. Twenty-three years old, first-generation Irish-American, and a young prodigy on the violin, Kara has had to set aside her dreams of a musical career to help provide for her family as her father battles cancer for a second time. When she pawns her heirloom violin she discovers her magical heritage as forces both good and evil are drawn to her magical nature. As she struggles with a personal journey of self-discovery events draw her into a battle older than time. Today’s Promise and the entire series will be launching Memorial Day Weekend in Baltimore, at Balticon.

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsAlma Alexander: Lots of news! Newest novel out, Midnight at Spanish Gardens — I will be doing readings and signings for those at the Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park in Seattle on May 19 and at Village Books in Bellingham WA on June 12 so come along to those if you’re nearby. The anthology I edited and am very proud of, with a “map of contents” and not a common or garden table of contents, is out from Dark Quest Books, and is a great collection of stories — check it out. New ebook — now released in the USA for the first time, Embers of Heaven, the follow-up to my Secrets of Jin Shei, with a paperback edition to come soon. And to be re-released as ebooks first and then paperback editions, my YA WORLDWEAVERS trilogy… with a book 4 and 5 to follow VERY SOON (book four is now in the final stages of polishing up…) Also, I have stories in anthologies Absolute Visions and Scheherezade’s Facade, and also in Beyond Grimm, an ebook anthology by Book View Cafe, where my contribution has garnered special mention. fantasy and science fiction book reviewsALSO, if you have an e-reader, check out my “Triads” collections — mini-anthologies of three themed short stories per “book” — five currently available in the Amazon Kindle store and at Smashwords (for all other ereader platforms).

Alex Bledsoe: The fourth EDDIE LACROSSE novel, Wake of the Bloody Angel, comes out in July. The second in the series, Burn Me Deadly, just came out in mass market paperback, and the third, Dark Jenny, will be out soon. Both include preview chapters of the new novel. I’ll also be attending (and paneling) at WisCon later this month in Madison, WI.

fantasy book reviews Blake Charlton Spellwright 2. SpellboundBlake Charlton: I’m in the final stretch of medical school! Only 4.56 months left to go. (Not that I’m counting… or anything.) Then I’ll have time to finish Spellbreaker, which will be the third and last book of the SPELLWRIGHT trilogy. Because of my unusual schedule through school, I’ll get from September to July completely free of the hospital to write. fantasy book reviews Stephen Deas The Thief-Taker's Apprentice 2. The Warlock's ShadowI’ve also had enough time to start putting the framework together on my fourth novel. But more about that later… possibly much later…

Stephen Deas: The Warlock’s Shadow (sequel to The Thief-Taker’s Apprentice) is coming out in mass-market paperback a month from now. Right now I’m also giving away a lot of books on my website with a new book up for grabs every two or three days. These are some of my own titles and some others off the Gollancz list.

Chris Evans Iron Elves: 1. A Darkness Forged in Fire 2. The Light of Burning Shadows 3. Ashes of a Black FrostChris Evans: I’ll be at Balticon in Baltimore, MD on May 25 through 28 doing panels, a signing, and otherwise enjoying the convention. The mass market edition of the third and final book in the IRON ELVES series, Ashes of a Black Frost, comes out in September in North America. The Russian edition of A Darkness Forged in Fire just came out as did the German edition of Ashes.fantasy and science fiction book reviews

Justin Gustainis: My novel Evil Dark, the second in the OCCULT CRIME UNIT INVESTIGATIONS series (although I like to call them the HAUNTED SCRANTON books), was released on April 24th, in both paper and digital versions. Stan Markowski, detective on the Scranton Police Department’s Occult Crimes Unit has a lot to worry about these days. Someone has been making “snuff” films in which a demon-possessed person is forced to torture and slaughter an innocent victim. Furthermore, someone in Scranton has been abducting witches and burning them alive. The two cases can’t possibly be connected — or can they?Kevin Hearne Iron Druid Chronicles Tricked

Kevin Hearne: I’m very grateful that readers have embraced the IRON DRUID series with such enthusiasm. Tricked, my latest book, debuted at #11 on the NY Times Best Seller list.

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsJim C. Hines: The goblin books will be coming out in omnibus form in July as The Legend of Jig Dragonslayer, which should be fun. Then in August, my book Libriomancer launches a new series, which follows a librarian from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula who can pull things from books. (Including a certain fire-spider from the goblin series.) Also, we’re getting a new kitten named Taz.

Matthew Hughes Costume Not IncludedMatthew Hughes: I’ve had two books out lately: Costume Not Included, the second in the TO HELL AND BACK urban fantasy series about an autistic actuary who fights crime with the aid of a rum-swilling demon who used to work with Al Capone; and (under my pen name Hugh Matthews) Song of the Serpent, a media tie-in novel set in the Pathfinder Role Playing Game world of Golarion, about a rogue named Krunzle the Quick who is sent on a quest to bring back a tycoon’s runaway daughter. I’ll also have a Dying Earthesque story in the July-August issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, “Wearaway and Flambeau,” about a thief who gets mixed up in a duel between two wizards. I’ll be at VCon in Vancouver in September, where one of my stories — maybe even “Wearaway and Flambeau” — will be transposed into a radio-style script and performed by the Pallahaxi Players Readers Theatre.L.E. Modesitt Jr Imager fantasy book reviews 1. Imager 2. Imager's Challenge 3. Imager's Intrigue

L.E. Modesitt Jr: Princeps  —  the fifth book of THE IMAGER PORTFOLIO — will be released on May 22nd, and I’ll be appearing at the Gaithersburg Book Festival [Gaithersburg, MD] on Saturday, May 19th, and then I’ll be the writer Guest of Honor at OASIS in Orlando, FL, May 25-27th.

Janny Wurts: Here’s a new interview with me on The Author’s Connection. I will be a guest at three upcoming conventions this summer: OASIS (Orlando Florida, May 25-27), LibertyCon (Chattanooga TN,  July20-22), DragonCon (Atlanta GA, laborday weekend). I have Contracts just in for: Italian translation of Curse of the Mistwraith, Daughter of the Empire (collaborated with Ray Feist) is going to be translated into Chinese, which makes a total fourteen languages, worldwide. fantasy audiobook reviews Janny Wurts Cycle of Fire 1. StormwardenI have signed up for Audible’s program for authors, which means any sale of any one of my audio books (Stormwarden, Keeper of the Keys, Shadowfane) from now till year’s end gives me an author’s bonus of a dollar — this is available to all Audible authors, many have already signed up. Any with Audible titles who have not, check it out!

We’ll be back with more news next week!

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  1. Looking forward to the Hines book. Read the Gustanis. The plot was good. The last chapter…WHAT WAS THAT … NONSENSE?? Hmph.

    Some pretty awesome covers in the batch.

  2. Still haven’t read Tricked. Looking forward to Bledsoe’s 4th Eddie LaCrosse!!

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