The Eye of Heaven

The Eye of Heaven — (2007-2008)  Publisher: On the very day of his homecoming, the future of Durand Col is snatched out of his hands.  He has trained a lifetime for lands he cannot have, and a role he cannot play. There is nothing for him but the road on the verge of winter. With this news ringing in his ears, Durand reels from his father’s stronghold into a realm in turmoil. It has been a year of war and whispers. There are signs in the Heavens, and spirits stalk the land. Plagued by omens, Durand struggles to make an honest place for himself in this old kingdom, lurching into the company of desperate knights, madmen, lost nations, and fallen heroes.  While he finds no shining armor, he soon stumbles into murder and the opening of a civil war. Every step tangles him deeper in knots of treason, love, and betrayal. While Durand and his companions struggle to resolve their private fates, their kingdom is collapsing. Their private course, however, leads them into the heart of the collapse. With their blades drawn, they arrive at the day when their kingdom’s fate is decided. It is on this day that Durand must find the strength to face his own sins if he is to save his country…

David Keck In the Eye of Heaven, In a Time of TreasonDavid Keck In the Eye of Heaven, In a Time of Treason

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