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Great SFF Deals!

We’re always looking for money-saving deals on books, comics, and audiobooks and we bet you are, too. Let’s use this page to alert each other about great deals. Just leave a comment here with links. Occasionally we’ll go through and delete old ones. Every couple of months we'll reward one deal-poster with a book of their choice from our stacks.



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Happy New Year!

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Under construction

For FanLit's fifth birthday, we thought a makeover would be nice.

We're working with some new themes, so things may be a little messy around here for a bit until it's straightened out.

Feedback would be really nice! Please comment to let us know if you like it so far. Read More

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At Book Blog Appreciation Week, we've been short-listed for Best Speculative Fiction Book Blog along with the very excellent blogs Book Chick City and The Book Smugglers. We feel honored to make the short list in such good company, but of course we hope you'll vote for Fantasy Literature! Instructions for voting are at the bottom of the BBAW post. You vote with your Twitter or Google ID (prevents ballot box stuffing).

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FanLit welcomes Tim Scheidler!

We'd like to welcome a new reviewer to our team!

TIM SCHEIDLER is finishing a degree in English literature. His friends fully expect to find him living in a cardboard box several years down the road, but Tim’s friends are silly, silly people who oughtn’t to be believed.

Some of Tim's earliest memories are of his parents reading him J.R.R. Tolkien. Exactly what prompted the introduction of Mr. Tolkien to a five-year-old is still difficult to fathom, but it had a deep impact on Tim. He has obsessed over fantasy for most of his life, so that many of his family, far from growing alarmed, actually find their way to amusement on discovering Neil Gaiman novels squirreled away in every bathroom.

Tim enjoys many authors, but particularly loves Tolkien, Gaiman, Read More

FanLit welcomes Marion Deeds

We'd like to welcome a new reviewer to our team!

MARION DEEDS is winding down a 35-year career with county government, where she met enough interesting characters and heard enough zany stories to inspire at least two trilogies’ worth of fantasy fiction. She is an aspiring writer herself and, in the 1990s, had short fiction published in small magazines like Night Terrors, Aberrations, and in the cross-genre anthology The Magic Within.

Marion's favorite fantasy authors include John Crowley, Catherynne Valente, China Miéville, Felix Gilman, Kate Griffin and Read More

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We're trying hard to be the best fantasy literature review site in the universe!

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FanLit welcomes Terry Weyna!

We're pleased to announce that Terry Weyna is joining our staff of reviewers!

Terry is spending the second half of her life as a reviewer, critic, scholar and writer, after having spent the first half practicing law in a variety of states and settings. (She is still a lawyer, telecommuting to an Orange County, California, law firm, where she mostly does legal research and writing. This work financially supports her addiction to books.)

Since Terry was six years old, she has nearly always had a book in her hand. She favors fantasy, and especially New Weird, slipstream and highly literary works, but also reads science fiction, horror, mystery, science, biography and history. She greatly prefers the look, feel and smell of physical books to ebooks.

Terry lives in Northern California with her husband, professor and writer Fred White, the imperious Cordelia Louise Cat Weyna-White, and a personal library that exceeds 12... Read More

FanLit welcomes Sarah Chorn as a guest reviewer

Sarah Chorn has been a compulsive reader her whole life, and early on found her reading niche in the fantastic genre of Speculative Fiction. She blames her active imagination for the hobbies that threaten to consume her life. She is a published photographer, world traveler and recent college graduate. Occasionally she dabbles in creative writing; her first freelance essay was published when she was sixteen years old. In her ideal world she’d do nothing but drink lots of tea and read from a never-ending pile of speculative fiction books. Among her list of favorite authors are Steven Erikson, K.J. Parker, C.S. Friedman, George R.R. Martin and Carol Berg. Sarah kee... Read More

FanLit welcomes Thomas M. Wagner as a guest reviewer

We'd like to welcome Thomas M. Wagner of SF to our roll of hand-picked guest reviewers. We think Thomas has great taste and we love his reviews!

It's our goal to provide you with reviews for every author we've got on the site, while still keeping our regular staff small and personal. We're reading constantly, but we need a bit of help from some trusted bloggers whose reviews we can reprint here until we get around to reviewing those books ourselves (if ever). What this means, in practice, is that we tend to print guest reviews for books that are older or that we just didn't want to read. So, if our guest reviewers seem a bit negative, that might be due to a selection bias on our part. Thus, we encourage you to visit their blogs to see if they're really the curmudgeons that they sometimes appear to be here. Read More

FanLit welcomes Ryan Skardal!

Ryan Skardal teaches English literature at the high school level. He currently lives in New Jersey with many piles of books, several poorly behaved cats, and his wonderful wife. Ryan has been reading fantasy since junior high when he first borrowed Stephen King‘s The Eyes of the Dragon from the library. His high school years were largely spent reading about a Wheel of Time. Recently, his favorite author is China Mieville. As an English teacher, Ryan is required to read a wide variety of writing, but always makes time for swords and sorcery.

Welcome, Ryan! Read More

FanLit bookmarks are here! Want some?

These are thick and glossy and display our dragon logo (Janny Wurts is the artist).

We'll send you 4 FanLit bookmarks for a donation of $1 (covers cost and shipping) or more. If you want to help spread the word about FanLit by distributing a batch of bookmarks to your local libraries or bookstores, contact Kat.

We also have FanLit T-shirts, hats, mugs, etc which you can purchase from Cafepress.

By the way, now seems like a good time to mention that at FanLit we don't run ads and we don't profit. We do get referral fees if readers order FanLit items from CafePress or if they order stuff from Read More

FanLit News: Bill and Stefan hosting Malazan re-read at

Exciting news! Starting in early April, will run a new series of blog articles: The Malazan Re-read of the Fallen, which will be a project similar to the current re-reads of THE WHEEL OF TIME and THE LORD OF THE RINGS, but focused on Steven Erikson's epic fantasy series, THE MALAZAN BOOK OF THE FALLEN.

Why are you announcing this here on Fantasy Literature, you ask? Well, two reasons:

1. The re-read will be hosted by two of our very own reviewers, Bill and Read More

FanLit welcomes Kayla Imani Thompson!

Kayla Imani Thompson

FanLit welcomes Kayla Imani Thompson, brand new baby daughter of FanLit reviewer Robert Thompson!

Read all of the details and see another photo of Kayla at Fantasy Book Critic, the excellent and popular blog that Robert created and used to run before his life got complicated by things like cute little creatures in pink hats.

Congratulations, Robert! Read More

FanLit welcomes a new reviewer! Amanda Rutter

AMANDA RUTTER is an accountant who escapes from the world of numbers into the world of fantasy on a regular basis. She is based in the UK, living with her lovely boyfriend and two cats (who are, of course, the actual rulers of the house).

Amanda has been reading fantasy since the time her dad cracked open the spine of The Hobbit and invited her into a magical world. From Tolkien she went to C.S. Lewis. From Lewis to Eddings. From Eddings to Gemmell. Now she pretty much reads anything and everything even loosely connected with fantasy.

What she likes about fantasy? The sheer imagination on display, the world-building, the mythical creatures and the strong characters. What she hates: over-us... Read More

Fanlit Facelift! Giveaway Signed copy of Midnight’s Daughter!

Welcome back from the holiday. Discerning visitors may notice a few changes. :) Kat Hooper spent most of her Thanksgiving break working fiendishly to create a more integrated user experience between the blog and the rest of the fantasy literature website. We're still tweaking things, but we're very excited about the overall integration. Thanks also to reviewer Justin who provided Kat with some much appreciated technical support.

For those who have mostly frequented the blog in the past.  You can see the red buttons above for the first time. These link to the database at the heart of the fantasy literature site. Clearly, the listing of fantasy authors is the centerpiece. But my personal favorite feature is the listing of New Fantasy Releases, where you can see titles and cover art for virtually every newly released or soon-to-be released fantasy title. You can even click through and purchase these novels from - which helps support our site.  You ca... Read More

FanLit welcomes a new reviewer: Stefan Raets

STEFAN RAETS read every book in the children's library when he was a kid, so an exasperated librarian directed him to the “grown-up” library to get him out of her hair. He was immediately attracted to books with colorful covers and unwittingly picked out his first SF novel: Planet of Adventure by Jack Vance. He read his way through most of the SFF section and never looked back, only agreeing to read “serious literature” (not his term) while completing his Master's degree in English literature and linguistics. After a decade of insane hours and high stress as an executive for a training firm, he is now a happy refugee from the corporate world. When he is isn't reading, writing, or editing, he's probably chasing his bouncy toddler son in a playground. Stefan was born in Belgium, lived for almost a decade in New York City, an... Read More is moving to

We're moving just down the street to our new address at

Things may be a little messy here until we get all the boxes unpacked. You can surely find us at the .com now and forwarding from the .net should be working soon.

The RSS feed, however, is another matter. ... That may be down for a day or two until we get settled in. Read More

FanLit welcomes new reviewer: Robert Thompson

ROBERT THOMPSON is the creator and former editor of Fantasy Book Critic, a website dedicated to the promotion of speculative fiction. Before FBC, he worked in the music industry editing Kings of A&R and as an A&R scout for Warner Bros. An avid reader as far back as he could remember, Robert grew up on comic books and horror novels before Tolkien flamed his passion for fantasy. Favorite authors range from Steven Erikson, George R.R. Martin, Jacqueline Carey and Robin Hobb to Dean Koontz, Read More

Hey, fantasy authors, need a title? Try out title generator.

Oh, how hard it must be to think of an ORIGINAL fantasy title!

Don't worry -- we're here to help. If you need to write a fantasy epic, you'll need several titles, and we've got them prepared for you. Simply use our RANDOM FANTASY TITLE GENERATOR . Just click the button and -- Voila -- all done!

(You're welcome.) Read More

FanLit Welcomes Kelly Lasiter, our newest reviewer

KELLY LASITER is a mild-mannered administrative assistant by day; at night she rules over a private empire of tottering bookshelves, guarded by a ruthless hellhound. (All right, so her manners aren't always mild and the hellhound is actually quite friendly, but the shelves do totter.) She came late to the fantasy genre, wandering into its enchanted lands nearly by accident in her early twenties, by way of Pamela Dean's Tam Lin and the suggested reading list provided in the back by Terri Windling. She is most fond of fantasy set in a historical setting (a la Jo Graham) or in a setting that echoes a real historical period (a la George RR Martin and Read More


FanLit thanks these fine folks who've retired from our regular staff. They still occasionally help us out with reviews and interviews.

Ruth Arnell January 2009 -- August 2013
Greg Hersom January 2008 -- September 2012
John Hulet June 2007 -- March 2015
Justin Blazier September 2009 -- September 2012
Stefan Raets August 2009 -- February 2012
Robert Thompson July 2009 -- October 2011
Rob Rhodes June 2007 -- September 2010 Read More


FanLit wishes to thank these fine folks who have written guest reviews for books that our staff hasn't gotten around to reviewing yet. Some of these reviewers are well-known SFF bloggers -- please visit their sites! Click on their names to read more about them and read their reviews.

Angus Bickerton
Amanda Rutter
Caitlinn Skye Walker
Charles Tan of  Bibliophile Stalker
Gert Sønderby
Jesse Hudson of Speculiction
Read More