A note about the organization & updating of our author pages

Dear readers,

We realize that many of our author pages are incomplete or out-of-date. Here’s why:

When we first started this website (June 2007), we wanted to be the place where speculative fiction readers could come not only to find well-crafted reviews written by fans of the genre, but also to discover other books by their favorite authors, the next book in a series, release dates, and more information about authors. Thus, we organized our author pages by series, updating when new books came out, and including stand-alone novels, too. (For example, see our page for Andre Norton.)

Gradually over the years, this information has become easy to find at Amazon, Wikipedia, authors’ websites, etc. (believe it or not, it wasn’t easy to find this information in 2007). Also, gradually over the years, we’ve added hundreds more authors to our site and we’ve also become busier in general.

Therefore, we are no longer regularly updating the author pages — it’s just too hard to keep up with all of them, it doesn’t seem necessary anymore, and (most importantly) we’d rather spend our time reading and reviewing. But our author pages should still be helpful for discovering new books you may not be aware of, and each of our reviews links to Amazon where you can find all of the books an author has in print (and usually out of print, too).

Happy reading!

~The FanLit Staff